In this way


You let me know you’re still in Australia. When i look at you and what i feel is right, i cant believe it. It make me feel good, you make me feel good.  I cant believe is happening among us. You dont know me, neither, but it is so. I knew you was doing something and you have let me know it. Our connection was so stronger than ever. And still now i feel you close to me. You turn around me. When i woke myself i felt you embrace me so softly. I never had these sensantions, then you let me know what you did. Is our connection has passed another level? I really dont know, but if it is so, dont surprising myself anymore. And now what i feel is your closeness, despite our distance. What i would like say to you is ‘how much i miss you, despite i feel you close to me.’ What i would do is just to look at your eyes, in this way, in silence and hear our breath, and maybe touch you so sweetly. I can feel your smell in the air. If i close my eyes, i can still feel your arms that around me. Our connection is one the most beautiful feeling i ever had in this last period, and it is becoming the most beautiful i have ever have in my life, and i have it with you. I dont ask for anything better.


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