Aint strange


Also when i was sleeping i felt my vise in my stomach and in someways, despite our distance, i felt you so close, despite i really dont know what were you doing. Also you with this strange feelings.
I know what you feeling. Here in this bedroom where it all has began. What i feel in this moment is the same feeling i felt since that day in december, but stronger. If i think to you, i have no breath to continue. I must close my eyes and take a deep breath, and suddendly you are here, by my side. You looking at me with your glance.  What i feeling when i looking at you is a mix up of emotions that just you can give me. You are in front of me. Eyes in eyes we enter in our parallel world. A whisper from you leave me speechless. ‘You no have idea, how much i would stay with you tonight’. I look at you, i take you face and i caress your skin, you close your eyes and your breath making slowly faster. I guide your hand on my face, and right after you open your eyes. Between us ours lights begins their dance, it makes  us flying. Our hands hold tight. We let us not look away. Ours glance has more to tell than words.
Ours Parallel World is made of these feelings. Glances, whispers, me and you speechless, breathless and that feelings we still cant explain but when we feel them, we know it’s our connection. I feel it, you feel it. It’s inexplicable, it’s just ours.




Few words, you make feel beloved, and i cant hold back my tears, they falls down from my face, with no any resistance. You can give me alot of happiness with just few whispers and yours glance in my eyes. You dry my tears from my face and you take my face in your hands. A twirl of emotions sorrounds us. ‘We close ours eyes’ you say me, taking my hands. In that moment we are transporting eachother in ours parellel world where ours feelings can explodes freely. Your eyes in mine and right after you kiss me, with no any warn. With, still, some tears falling on my face, i remain breathless. Yours lips are so sweet and your kiss so kind. Your hands on my face. Then ours eyes meets eachother and your whisper ‘How much missed you’. I looking at you i nod. Yesterday we were been so far. But tonight ours feelings are so closer. I feel you and you feel me. Ours connection didnt leave us. I feel you so close to me. And i feeling your voice repeating those wonderful words. They sorrounds me like in a dance, as a white veil dancin, arounds us. And my love for you grow up so fast. ‘How much we love us’ we ask us look at us eachother.
‘We stay in silence, let’s find out it’ you say me, looking at my eyes. In this way. In silence.



It’s a

lmcm_forte-1continuous flow of emotions and sensantions from the other day. Despite your distance it’s like you was here next to me. And my feelings tells me that it will happens something really special really soon. My heart dont stop to beats like a crazy one. And each time i check where are you, you are there. And i know, i’m sure of that, you feel the same. There is no doubts, in someways, we are connected eachother. And we know it, wherever we are and whatever we doing, when we call us, ours souls does know it. We just need to look at up the sky and we whispers ours names and suddendly we are in connection, and slowly we enter together in ours parellel world, hands in hands, glances in glances. And ours few whispers are the only things we are able to say us.

It’s a continuos flow what i’m feeling from the other day from you to me and from me to you. I’m sure you feel it as i do, this flow of emotions, sensations we feel.



smiles_forte3The journey back home, i began to feel you inside of me, in my mind, and my dancing butterflies began their own dance in my stomach. I looked at up the sky and i thought you did the same, despite your sky is blue now on the contrary of mine that is black. I feeling you so close now to me, now by my side in my bedroom and you feel what im feeling. Yes my both legs does hurting me a little, above all the left one.  I know you know what does it means pain. I close my eyes and i see you hand on my legs and your eyes into mine. Your whispers calm me down ‘It will does pass so fast, i assure you’. You smile at me with your smile that it drives me crazy.And you know it. Taking my hand and taking a deep breath, closing ours eyes, slowly we enter in ours parellel world, and there ours souls melting eachother. My pain become also yours and we suffering together.
Your glance in mine and you whisper me, taking my hand, ‘That’s it does means’. We  look of us eachother and i whisper you ‘I love you’.


What you

mikemcn_fortedo you want to tell me , i will listening to it. Your glance talks alot about your feelings. I’m here next to you. Everything you want to say me, you know, i’m here just close to you. Taking your hands. We breath together. Ours minds get connect us to ours parellel world and there we can let free ours feelings. There we can dive ourselves in ours glances. And with no add any words we know already what we wants to say to us eachother. We need just of few whispers to confirm what we would have like to say us. I close my eyes and my dancing butterflies begins to dance their own dance. And i can smell your skin, while you take my hand to your heart, i feel it trough your white shirt. Slowly i begin to unlace it. While you look at me mentioning a shy smile.
‘Dont leave me, i need of you more than ever, stay with me. I need of ours connection, of ours parellel world. I feel secure in this world we have created. I need of all that’, you whisper to me, while you look at me and you touch on my lips with your soft mouth. I look at yours eyes, saying no anything, caressing your face and i let myself you kiss me slowly. We remain, in this way, as in suspension.


We look

blindfortee02At us eachother, and what we feel is just ours souls melting eachother. I look at you and my only question is ‘what do you see, when you look at me’. In this your glance i see your desire to escape from this world to come in ours parellel world and stay in for long time. And stay in there just to stay embrace with me. In my arms, and you feel my hands touch on your skin trought your shirt. And maybe you hold my hand on your heart. And your eyes in mine and just few whispers that leave us breathless. In these whispers words you didnt say to anybody else, but me. And with these words you leave me speechless and my heart stop to beat for a while. I look at you and in a silence long a life, ours glances meets eachother. And right after ours eyes are into eachother and, suddendly, you sit up, you take my hand, you look at me and i see something magic in your glance. You whisper me something it leaves me breathless ‘Do you want to stay with me…forever?’
I take a long breath, while i close my eyes, i feel your lips touches my mouth so softly. Again a whisper ‘Stay with me’.


Wanna guess

hydepark_schermo-1what i’m feel right now? You. I feel you inside of me. My usual feeling when i hear your closeness to me. My soul flying into our lights and which  it does feels it’s your heart that beats so faster as mine. It’s true also we didnt ever met eachother, but we met many time in ours parellel world and there we look at eachother, and saying any words we say everything we feel for ourselves. My heart explodes right now. I feel you closer than ever and i feel your look at me, also we’re so far from eachother. Ours souls get connecting eachother so stonger than before. I ask myself if for real you feel the same wherever you’re right now, but i’m sure you do. My heart is velvet mantled. Mantled by your sweetness, and i hear your eyes on me. Maybe mentioning a shy smile. Smiling for me. Looking my happiness. You make happy just with few. I need of these moments. You make me beat my heart stronger than before. I can whisper you just words you know already. I say them in that whisper.


Here you


Are, next to me, i feel you inside of me. My dancing butterflies scrambling my stomach and i know, in someway we get connecting eachother. Do you feel me as i feel you close to me?
Someone once said ‘There are people connect eachother, also if they are so far’, so i ask myself our parellel does  exists for real! Ask myself if your for real do you feel the same feeling i having in this moment. Feel you so close to me, if i close my eyes i feel you by my side, and i feel you take my hand to your heart. You look at me with your wonderful eyes. A whisper by you. Your hand on me. You in front of me. Closer to me. Forehead to forehead, you caress my face with your fingers.
I would like to stay in this way forever. Any words spoken, just our look into ourselves, just ours breath, our hands, just ours smells, just our touches. Just ours souls melting eachother. Just ourselves, like in this way. Surprised by ours love.


In these hours

smpost_LukeMy thoughts are towards to you. And in someway i feel you as you feel me. Maybe you think about me a while. I feel something, our parellel world is closer than ever. I close my eyes and i can see you. I rembember when you wrote me, and my heart has exploded of happiness. One year ago. Yes, one year ago, 12 months ago, you left me speechlees got me in confusion, literally. And today, an year after, i hope that magic could repeat itself. And this time we could touch ourselves for real.
And we can see together our parellel world trasforming itself in our real world.
I need to hear your voice whispers me sweet and kind words just for me.
I need of all that.









In someway

The world want us unites. I will dont prevent it. Do you? I’m here, i waiting for you. Closing my eyes and i just look at you. I take a breath and i smell your skin. I drive crazy for everything from our parellel world gives us. That new white path is still there. And we are so far, but we feel eachother closer than ever. Our hearts begins to beats so fast. I just look at you and now i feel you eyes on me, into my soul. I know, i’m sure, you read which i wrote yesterday on twitter. If you knew what you made me feel with that words. I could you tell all my life.
Maybe another time, another occasion, but i really would like to look into your eyes and to whisper you alot of thing, but one in particular, but i know you know it already.
In someways, we are linked already. When we get together in our parellel world. And im sure in someway, you’re reaching me. I feel it inside of my soul. Too many emotions lives in my heart, when i feel you close to me. I have my hand towards to you. You just have to take it and we can stay together as you want, as i want. As we want. Just together