Yours eyes

lmcm_fortedTells me everything about you, and i can remain speechless just looking at yours glance into mine. Yours eyes has the sun inside. and i can see your soul trought them. And what i see leave me breathless eachtime. I close my eyes and i feel you here close to me. You by my side, and i have the certain that in these days, in these hours, you took a look at me more than before, and for real our parellel world has becoming ours real world, and i continue to talk to you trought this open diary and i’m sure this the right path to reach to you. Ours parellel world is more closer than before. I feel it as you do.We feel us closer than ever. Yours vibrations are so stronger and what i feel in these days, hours, is inexplicable. Yours feelings sorrounding me and what i feeling to the end enexhausted me. Ours incessant sharing of feelings, that i see as ours lights that comes and goes trought ours minds, ours souls and above all ours hearts make me feel in a strange way. And i never felt myself in this way and i know it’s you the reason how i feel and im sure you feel yourself like me. It’s ours connection It becoming so stronger than ever. I know, you know it, and slowly, together we realizing it. We should meet us one of these days. Maybe also just online



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