Now i only need

I need of your arms, of your embrace and you give me it. I need of your breath and i feel it in the air. I need of your eyes, and you dont take off  your eyes from me

Our little

Our connection from a little of time begins so

You and me

Our connection is strong, we feel us eachother in a such way, that we didnt still understand what is, but it's so

In these hours

everytime i enter in my bedroom, this one, is like you waiting for me

I love

You wake me up with this vise in my stomach and i know is you

Here we

and ours slow dance begins

You stay

Yours soul, yours heart sourrounds me like in an embrace

Yours eyes

Yours vibrations are so stronger and what i feel in these days, hours, is inexplicable

What do

you would like run away from the social conventions, and you would like come in ours parellel world