He have -63-

Came closer to us and he have presenting himself as Mayor, but then during the latest sistemation of the microphones, he have sighed saying : “I never got used to being named with this official name, i prefer being called with my nickname that friendly my friends have started to called me”.
We have looked at him with much curiosity, and i was focused on his big size, and i was looking for remember where i had, already, see him.

He have stared us for a second, and when he was about to reveal us his nick name, the micrphone in front of him, have croaked, and a voice inside the speaker, have announced: ” A big applause for the Mayor!”
The crowd under that stairs, have starting clap, and it seemed that it had to collapse the entire building, as much noise they were doing but in that chaos, the Mayor before to reach the microphone, he have been capable to reveal us that nick name. Eye of the Night 
He have looked at us, going to the microphone, smiling to the crowd and he have began to talk to the big audience.

In those second of presentation, i have looked at him well, and, all of sudden, i have recognized him, by the shoulders and his lazy way of walking. 
I have looked at him with wide eyes open, and my heart have began beat strong, and immediately after i have looked at you, and you have whisper: “What’s up?”. I have indicated him mumbling something that you have not understand, but only the Mayor, a Cyclope bigger than our friend of the striptease, and when he have said: “I wanted follow from close what was happening in city…” i have had the confirmation of what it got back in my mind.

That evening in which i wanted check where it was that building where i have discovered their hiding place, Eye of the Night, was one of those monsters i have met, and in particular he was that shadow have danced on the wall of striptease club. Throwing away all the air from the lungs, in that short instants, i had comprehend that, even some important city charges could not hid their real nature.

And only when Eye of the Night, have ended his presentation, and he have invited us to come closer to the microphone, i have shaked the head, then going next to him, i have whispered him: “That evening you have scared me much, but i have learnt alot.” He have smiled me giving me a pat on the shoulders
In that instants you had not understand what was happened. 
“We should take a long break to tell us each minimum thing happened in this adventure” i have said you caressing your face.

Then Eye of the Night, or better in this case the Mayor, have presented us, saying: “Without them, surely we not will be here to talk to you. Their investigation has started by chance when Luke have noticed something strange, around the city, and he have wanted go deeper, but i want let him speak… Luke…”
When he have called you, all of sudden, you have felt yourself embaressed. You have looked at him who have nodded and i have encouraged you. 
You have not wanted stick off your hand from mine, and so you have delicately dragged me next to you.
When you have placed yourself in front of the microphone, you have continued what the Mayor was telling to the inhabitants, but at a certain point you have stopped, you have stared me and said: “… but it’s all her merit that everything has ended. I was kidnapped by those shady creatures. It’s merit by her strong determination to go till end that now we everybody are here.” 
And with a sweet glance you have stared me inviting me say something. 

I have looked at you with wide eyes open. I wasn’t got used speak in front to an audience, but i knew that i had to, but stay in front of that microphone it was not thing for me, but when i have took both your hands and you have placed in front of me, what i wanted say it’s have came out so spontaneously.
“In my deep i knew there was something more important behind that decision. It could not being ended in that way. I have looked for find a way to go on. When i found those your instruction inside that book I have understand that i had right. After you know, what have happened. Almost i have lost you in that building…” saying that latest phrase, i have tightened stronger your hand, and looking at straight inside my eyes, you have whispered my name.
“When you have screamed…  i didn’t wanted lose you…” 

That audience have been in silence during all that my speech. Then i turned toward those creatures looking at them, and immediately i dived myself in your chest, and you have embraced sweetly, and a choral “Aww” have enveloped City Hall piazza. And only after we have looked at each other, a big applause have exploded in that place.

Our glances have met, once again, and after a while the Mayor have came closer to us, giving us small pats on shoulders, smiling he have said: “Here because, i want give you this plaque. You not only have saved the city, but you have been so determinated to go on, and discover an ill-deal of that  of that magnitude. In name of all the citizens of this city, i give you this plaque for the courage that you have demonstrated, and it makes you an honorary citizen.”
After that a big applause of that crowd have made us shaked. We have looked Eye of the Night, almost embaressed, but right after we have stared it, and immediately after we have lifted it in air, making it show to everybody.

A big roar have made shake the City Hall building, and after being been a bit shocked, we have smiled, and you have kissed me delicately.”


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