“The big one

vanguard_catturamoltplicaiOf the Morgur said us that we had to face up to our big fears to destroy the big black hole that the Nothing was building around Our Parallel World, and just we fallen in a a deep sleep, we would have could destroy everything this.
We were looking at us one another. We were almost terrified. We have whispered to the 
Morgur ‘We try’.
We holded tight our hands one in another.
We settled ourselves under that tree and sweetly you have embraced me and me i have wrap tight your hips.
Slowly we have close again our eyes, we have took a deep breathe and everything was arounded us became slowly muffled. Also the air, usually so light, was became a little heavy.
The Morgur was doing those little things that unconciously which we would have need.
Slowly we were entering in this deep sleep.
We were entering in this black hole that it was in continuos movement.
The only thing that the Morgurs didnt have said us was that we would had face up to our big fears in one kind of nightmare and together.
The «fight» has begin.
We were in a desolate countryhouse with a big stairs inside. We have felt cold air around. Our glances were set on that stairs. Something or someone was going downstairs.
I have screamed. It was a little naked monster. He stopped himself and he looking at me with his green eyes and pointed ears. He looked as an elf, but i was sure he wasnt an elf.
I whispered you ‘Please let’s out’. The eyes of this little half elf and half monster, were still on me and they was leaving me without the air. I couldnt breathe.
Out of this countryhouse the sky was grey and it was coming a car with inside a woman and you have recognise her immediately. From your mouth came out only a name ‘…Zora…’
Your glance toward Zora, was full of  rage, hate.  Then Zora looked at me and she started to run toward me. Without thinking about it, you have screamed me to run, and i have ran as faster as i could. But where i was going something waited for me. But i didnt noticed it. It took me from behind. I only, could feel the hold that it had, was cold, but suddenly i’ve recognise him. It was an iron vampire that was trying to suck my blood, but fortunately he wasnt able to.
We had to came out from this backyard full of enemies. But we didnt know how to.
We had look up to the sky. Beyond the gate the sky was almost blue.
There were some clouds, but the sky was blue.
We have noticed that in the sky, over the gate, there were some winged animals.
They seemed await us.
We looked at us one another. We were still chased by almost the creatures we have met in the backyard.
I looked one of the winged animal and i have took the flight, you did the same. But we did wrong. Also the winged animals wanted push us inside of the nothing.
But fortunately we have immediately, understood and we jumped off.
We were fallen down always more fast, but we were able to take us our hands and there, has happened something we didnt expected. With our soft touch of hands, as in a twirl, like that in our appartment, we were been able to chase away the greyness that had arounded our world.
Our touch was soft but poweful.”


⇐“For a second

“For a second

headshots5forte2-1We had closed again our eyes, aware of this new flow that was runing in us.
Everything this made feel us tired.
I was lying on your chest and you was caressing my hair, but was been a short time.
We fallen asleep immediately. We have slept for hours that day.
After much that the sun was risen, with much calm, we were awoke up and we were looking at us one another, with a strange sensation. Perhaps, we had to assimilate still those new flow, or was it a new condition in which we had to get using to? This was the question that we were making us.
It was like, as if we had to face up something. Something that would have put in danger our Our Parallel World. It was just a sensation. But now this sensantion was multiplied, there weren’t only my sensations, now there were also those yours.
We could felt something around Our Parallel World  it was broken itself and slowly the nothing was wrapping our world and it was sucking everything.
We were looking one another. Our hearts were beating hard, and with no effort, we had open a gap to enter in our parallel world.
The entrance was always the same, but now the little Markùts didnt waited for us at the end of the walkway. They were, already, at the entrance and they have pushed us inside more of our world. As we have imagined, the Markùts told us that The Nothing had found a way to enter, and  slowly it was destroying everything.
The Markùts, also told us that the nothing had started to destroy the part that the Morgur didnt have had the time to fortified it.
But the Markùts, something good, told us. Our magical transformation was definitely completed. To be sure, we asked to the Markùts, if it was the great flow we were feeling inside. With their strange but sweet voices, they nodded. We looked at us one another and we sighed.
We holded tight our hands and with some hurry, we arrived to the borderline of the Morgur village, where the little one waited for us and told us to settle under the tree, where were asleep ourselves, the last time, and to close our eyes. It was in this way we had could try to defeat the Nothing.”


⇐“We were

“The big one ⇒

“We were

the002forteAsleep  embraced in the arms of the other, while we were feeling the new magic flow get calm itself always more, but at the same time got bigger and bigger inside of us. It was like as if a  punch expanded itself inside of us and it take possession of us.
We were sleeping, but we have felt everything. Our connection was became stronger, and also if we were sleeping, we had could sharing some thoughts.
You have said me ‘That’s incredible, how our connection is making us feel’. I have only holded your hand in reply and i have smiled you with the eyes closed. I had know, you staring at me and …’How you are beautiful’ was been the confirmation.
Slowly i have opened my eyes, and you was smiling at me. The new magical flow was completing its path. We could feel it.
We were lyin on the bed, one in front of the other. Almost unconciously, we had felt the need to touch our palms of the hands. Sweetly and slowly we have done it, and with all the conciousness we had, we had understood that we had crossed also that.
At unison, we have whispered ‘It’s done!’.
Understanding that, more the time passed by, more we were became, for real, one only thing, and our feelings growing always more. In these istants our hearts were about to explode and in that explosion of emotions, sensations, we were welcoming definitley the new magical flow. Or was the new magical flow that did welcoming us?”


⇐“After a long

“For a second ⇒


“After a long

2410moltipica-1Glance, slowly you got up, and without say nothing you have took me in your arms and sweetly we went upstairs, where there was the only other room of our appartament, and there you have laying me, as if you have lying a delicate flower on the bed.
What which we could hear was our hearts that were beating at unison and our beat resounded as an echo in all the appartment.
In someways, we were a little tired. We have had said it, only whispering. We only could imagine, was the new flow, the new power that was entered in our bodies
For laugh a little i have said ‘I didnt ever imagine that be magic was hard’.
We were lay face to face. You have shyly smiled me and in another whisper, you have said ‘I would do again everything from the begin for see your beautiful eyes, you was been able to do everything this. Without you, i would be still in search of something that i would never found. And now, look where we are now.’  You was looking me deeply and you was caressing my face, and i did the same. We were at the mercy of those new flow that ran fast in our veins. We had to look for to get calm it.
The only thing that seemed worked, was look at us eachother, eyes in eyes.
It seemed that the new flow was mixing with other old one and it seemed that slowly we were taking more conciousness of it, and more we have taking concious of it, more the new magical flow got used to us, but above all, to all our emotions that ran in our bodies, in our minds since when we met us in «my bar».
And those, were the only feelings, sensations, emotions that werent never changed. On the contrary, they were growing up fast and they change, always in something more big and always more beautiful.
Slowly we had close our eyes and gently the new magical flow got used to us. Occasionally our hearts had have little jolts, but it was only a moment and when we holded ourselves our hands, everything returned how it was earlier.”


⇐“In this

“We were ⇒

“We still

insta25chiariDanced in the middle of our appartement, as if that dance hadnt want stop us. We could felt something was growing in us, but we had no idea what was.
More we danced, more we felt us good. Our glances were stare one in another, and we were in the middle of this twirl.
We have not realize that thin dust was arounding us, and more we danced, that little dust, slowly got us up from the floor. We were dancing, flying, but we didnt have realizing that, till two great flows melting eachother one in another.
Everything this, while we were still dancing, without say any words. There was no need. We could see what we were feeling trought our glances.
It was like our magic flows was creating a new flow one. More great and more powerful.
We had realizing this just in only seconds of this slow dance. Our heart were beating hard, and more we had realized that, our dance has become more a little bit fast. But we had understood that it was that twirl in which we were into, made the dance faster. We danced always slowly.
Our rythm, was those of our hearts, of what we were feeling in these moments. Slow movements as our emotions that in slow gestures wrapped us, inside a fast twirl.
While around us the new magic was itself completing.
Everything was changing, but above all, inside of us.
We had crossed this new passage in the most sweet way we could did.


⇐“After we remained

“In this ⇒

“After we remained

vangurd26forte-1On the sofa, you got up and you have stretched me your hand and you have only whisper ‘Dance with me’. I’ve took your hand and we have started to dance in our appartment. We have danced slowly. We didnt talking, but we had know our thoughts. They were above all about the Nothing and everything was what symbolize. But more we danced more, the nothing became always more an insignificant thing, or was what we wanted believe.
We danced sweetly, between  the sofa and the space close to the old desk of your grandpa.
There was no music, but it was as if  it was on. It was in our heads and it was the same melody.
Our appartment was illuminated by a blue sky. The sky of Our Parallel World and the light that was entering was muffled, and our sensantions were one the most sweet we had felt from our adventure has began. You guided me across the appartment.
Your hands were so sweet but strong on my hips and you hadnt take your eyes off from me.
You didnt have say a word. But what which i could see trought your glance it opening me your heart.
I could felt everything you felt in these istants.
It wasnt a simply sweet dance between people who were love eachother. It was something more, and now the room was only the stage of our dance.
Our eyes were stare in one in another. Our hearts were about to explode.
We werent still given ourselves a kiss. We were only looking at us one another, still without say a word. We hadnt make love, but it was  like we were making it. Our flows were slowly melting, and around us a thin dust was getting up.
We were looking at us deeply. We have sweetly danced across the appartment, and it seemed that we didnt wanted to stop.
It seemed that dance contained  part of our lives and magic together.
We were looked at us one another for the last time. Then we given ourselves that suspended kiss.
We had felt our hearts exploding at the same time and something, like a new awareness was being born in us.”


⇐“For a

“We still ⇒

“For a

last75forteMoment we had thought to everything this. The Nothing was just this, only bad experiences of our lives mixed up together, but it was just a moment. A kind of laugh had distracted us and it made us return in Our Parallel World.
The laugh was of the little one Morgur.  He was more playful than others. We have understood that he was the younger of the group.  His way to laugh reflected his young age.
We had decided to return in our appartment, also if we could stay there without problems, but we had much things to absorb. We remained in our world for the tiredness, but above all, we wanted stay a little bit «together, alone».
But for what which we had understood, we had to go across the Nothing from where we had crossed the last time. From the rusty gate.
It was what the Morgurs said us, in chorus.
We were looked at us one another and we had took our hands and we had say ‘Goodbye’ to the Morgurs, once again caressing them. Another our magical residual aura was transfered in their bodies and their fur shone more.
We had left them, loaded of this last magical residual aura and they ran for work.
Slowly, we had crossed the Morgur village, and to the village borderline, we have met the Markùts. The knew, already, that we wanted return in our appartment, and without asking nothing, they had confirmed what the Morgurs have had said us.
We had to cross the Nothing from where we had crossed it the last time to enter.
They explained us, also, that we werent still able to open two doors in the same time, but with the experience and the magic, we would be able to do it.
Without realizing, we were, already there.
Without any kind of ceremonials, the Markùts had left us.
We had to face to the Nothing alone again.
You was looking at me, without saying nothing, but i could hear your continuos thought that ran in your head. In a whisper i have replied you ‘You will be able …. you will be able…’.
Together we had took a long deep breathe. Our hands were well hold tight, and those seconds in the middle of the Nothing were passed in an istant and right after we were in our appartment, almost stunned for what which we had passed.
We were looked at us one another, and as real knight, you have accompanied your princess to settle herself in the sofa.
You have embraced me sweetly.
We remained for a long hour so. Without saying nothing,  just hearing our breathe.”



“After we remained ⇒


last0005fondigranaWithout fear the other two animals were approached to us, but they have took a look to me first for have the certainty to do the better thing, to complete the transformation.
You was looking at me just like them. You was more surprised than me for what i was been  able to do. I was smiled you, as if was, for me, a normal thing. But it was.
‘You did it many time. To caress. You must just caress them and the magic is done’
It seemed our caresses could transfer our residual magical aura in them, and our direct touch was the change that these little Morgur have waited for from we have met the night you have came in the bar and from our first glance we have shared.
That night, in that bar, in our first glance was born something of magical and now the Morgurs having had the possibility to change permanently. They were as the carterpillar that has become a beautiful butterfly.
Slowly, we got up ourselves and together with the Morgurs, we were came to another borderline of Our Parallel World. It was the borderline where the Morgurs were worked on.
As the Markùts, they had an own language, but magically, we were able to understand everything they have said us.
The big one was explaining us that finally with this complete transformation, they could finish their works in a short time. Earlier, they have needed of our residual magical aura for work, but they had no know, when we would be return in Our Parallel World, and their works was suspended till our next coming. While we walked with the Morgurs, we have looked the work they have done against the Nothing. They explained us, the Nothing was the worst thing that they have had seen. It was made by the bad things and bad feelings we had felt in our lives, past and present. A mix up of bad things that it was trying to sucked everything we were  building, now that we have found ourselves again.”


⇐“I gave you

“For a ⇒

“I gave you

last010008forte-1The binocular in hope, you could see this changing, but you wasnt able to see it.
These little animals were in front of us, as if they wanted some aknowledgment.
Sure, they had to have it, but each time i stretched my hand towards them, they shyly reciding from us. We saw, that they were so curiuos to see what would happened if they were been touched by us.
They knew, that something magical would be happened, but they were scare. We looked at us one another. We hadnt hurry to return in our appartment. We could stay there how long time we would have wanted.
Our Parallel World was a world in which everything was becoming true. All our emotions were the most beautiful we had felt and all around us was magical. It was everything we had wished till our first meeting.
We have spent several time staying in front to these little animals and they have done the same.
We had looking for to talk with them. For sure, they understood what we have say to them. We understood it from their glances.
Little by little, they approached to us. We talked to them, always more sweetly and at the end i was able to touch of one them and he didnt ran away.
We remained speechless. We were witness of a change. The change was what i’ve seen few minutes earlier. But this time was permanently. The brown fur was become rainbow, and the bristly fur was become soft as those of the Markùts
Now the other two little animals wanted the same treatment.
The first animal was the little one and now he could talk with us. These little animals, the little workers, were the Morgur.
After the change was completed, after their fur from brown was became rainbow, their shyness was disappeared.
And now we had other furry friends to better comprehend Our Parallel World.”


⇐“We were still

“Now ⇒

“We were still

2410forteUnder the tree embraced one in another, while these little animals were completing their work and one of these, gave us a kind of  binocular and he inviting us to watch throught.
He gave it to us rapidly, then he ran away. He seemed shyly scared to have touched us. He hided himself behind a bush, but behind it, he was watching us.
They wanted show us what did they have made.
You was been the first to watch throught the binocular, but it seemed you have didnt see anything particular. Then you have gave it to me. Your glance have said me everything.
I’ve watched toward what they worked on, but also me i’ve seen nothing. But something, it had to been happened. I wanted understand what, and i’ve close the eyes. I’ve took your hand and together, we had took a long deep breathe, and right after, it was been more clear.
Our Parallel World was born, just few seconds after we had shared our very first glance in the bar, those night. But was born, also, the Nothing, that thin line that would could suck everything in very few seconds and it would could have delete our past, present and even future lives in an istant.
The birth of the Nothing had arounded Our Parallel World. We had realized just in those moments, that the work of these little furry animals was very important, and our magical residual aura, was really important for these little workers. They were strenghtening the border of our world against the nothing. And each time we had visited our world, we had left some of our residual magical aura, and they had worked with it. But now, that we had spent a whole night in our world, they had get more of this magical residual aura, and they have had the possibilty to work with more calm and the border of Our Parallel World were more resistent against the Nothing.
I have had the possibilty to see the last, little furry animal that was going trought a kind of path. I was surprised to see that his fur from a rainbow fur was changing at the normal color, that was brown.
I wanted show this to Luke, but the little animal was been more fast.
He was, already, in front of us, earlier that i could have pass, the little binocular to Luke.”