That big -64-

Applause have made us tremble inside, it have made us scared a bit, but at the same time it have made us feel accepted by those creatures, that now, were looking as new friends, and smiling us. 
If they had could, at end, they have would wanted brought us on their shoulders, but  we had to ended some paperworks that that city had to follow to makes us to all effects citiziens of that city, at which we were fonding to it. Some signatures on some documents and our citizenship, would been official at all effects. 

Those documents have been signed in front of that audience, that when i have ended to, have clapped once again. 
At end Eye of the Night have smiled and have tightned us our hands, and with a big smile printed on his enormous face, have officially annouced: “From now, this city has increased by two people!” And as referee in a boxing match, he have lifted up our arms, and all the audience has exploded, manifesting their joyness, among screaming, whistles and clapping.

Looking at them, now we were feel ourselves make part of a community, that only few moments of their life had asked our help, but with rare scarce results, but now they were looking at us as their saviors.
Among that audience we have could see our friends, who from the striptease have arrived while we had not realized. I had recognized Yvonne from her screams, and i had glimpsed Cyclope with his impeccable waiter’s suit, but i had not seen Michelle yet.

Before went downstairs, i wanted saluted all those creatures who i had recognized as the Jim’s raid squad, and thank all of them. During the ceremony, they were all in row at guard that everything have going well, and especially we both wanted thank Jim, and let him know that in him we had found a new good friend. 
But when we have asked to one of his team, where he was, he hasn’t been capable to reply.  
We were certain to have seen him around there, but then he have vanished. 
Maybe the police deparment had had need of him, and at half ceremony he have left the City Hall, we have thought, and looking at each other, we have shrugged.

Saluted everybody, and shared some jokes with Eye of the Night, we went downstairs, and reached the piazza, we have been welcomed by those inhabitants who still were thankig us for what we had faced up to saved their… our city.  They had considered us heroes, and some of them, have confessed us that my words had moved them. 
“Your love is something inexplicable big, your words have touched me”  a female creature have said me stopping while we were about to reach our friends. 

I have could see Yvonne pawing to embrace us,  she have wave her long paws and when finally we have reached her, she totally jumped on us, saying that she have loved our speech, but above all mine.
“It seemed to being in a dream. Your words made me crave a companion!” 
I have smiled her, shyly looking at you.
She have made me forgot ask about Michelle, and Cyclope have complimented to you for the plate, and gently you made him show it closer. He have remained speechless.

We had not realizing that little by little we were leaving the City Hall to reach our favorite place of all the city. 
The striptease club where, we have would could feel ourselves, finally at home.
During the ceremony i have would wanted see my Michelle, but the more we have came closer to the club, the more i was convincing that now that Michelle had take control of all that, she had to think manage all and i knew that she was doing a goo job, so i hadn’t being angry with her, on the contrary, i had to being happy for her, who finally could do everything she wanted. 

When we have reached the sidewalk of the club the first thing we have noticed, they have been the lights on of the sign, and with a bit of astonishment we have stared Cyclope and Yvonne who were shyly smiling.
“What had you done?” i have asked them. But smiling they haven’t opened mouth.
It was so unusual see those sparkling lights on during the day. 

Cyclope have entered first, followed by Yvonne then we have entered. 
It seemed all calm. The music in background seemed that one of the rehearsals, we have could hear the voice of Michelle who was speaking with someone else.
And without wait for else, i have came closer to the drapery, and all of sudden, i have opened it. 
I wanted make her a surprise, but she have been her to made it to us.”


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