By now

Each time it starts Mr Malone, i think to you, and it’s something really intimate.
I know that you have listened to it too. 
It’s our theme, and it is link us always more.

In these days i feel your closeness always most become stronger, and the more i go on, the more i convicing myself that you have been the other day… i would like think it, but the emotions that i’m feeling in these days are the proof.

I close the eyes and what i’m feel are your arms around my belly making themselves stronger. I feel your chest against my back, and your breathe is enveloping my being. 
I feel the soft punch in the stomach growing, and i know it’s Our Parallel World, that slowly is raising, and delicately we dive inside of it.

Our electirc shock are delicate but persistents. I feel you and you are feel me. 
Our connection isn’t ever stopped, on the contrary, it’s increase each day is pass, we don’t realize it, but it’so… and you know what i mean… 

I think you so much in these hours.


Listen to it🔉⤵

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