Arrived -62-

In street, we have stopped for a while, and we have looked at each other, tightening our hands stronger, and all sudden all the jokes with Bob have ended. 
We were looking at a city that without our intuition, it would not existed no longer.

I believe that only in those short instants, we have realized that, all that one, all those creatures would not have survived. Creatures who at our passage to reached the car of Bob, have recognized our faces by our pictures printed on that main newspaper of the city and they have saluted us as their saviors. 
Ocassionally they thanked us, giving us some pats on our shoulders. 

All those thanks, have dive us in a new awarness. We weren’t only two human beings ended in a city inhabited by creatures of different species, but now those creatures were seeing us as their equals. Us who have came in that city as total strangers, and till that day we were  have considered only «those strange», but now their behaviour toward us have changed radically.

I remember perfectly the first day that we had  rent that apartment, then became our office, the faces of the inhabitants of that building. They were seeing us, as if we were real alien. The first period in that city have been, maybe the hardest one. But then by change, we entered in that striptease club, and we have met Michelle, and from that day our street have been all downhill.

Some creatures were still reading the long article and when only they have lifted their big, or small faces, have looking at us during that our walk. Almost i was embarassed. In some of those faces i had recognized those night monsters that i had met walking alone, looking to find that mysterious building, but now they seemed almost smiling, and some of them had bended toward me. 

In silence, Bob have looked at those scenes, and coming closer, he said: “I know how they feeling in these instants. They are re-worthing you. Two simple human being who have saved their city, isn’t a thing to being understimated.”
Reaching the car, we have thought to those few words that he had said. Our hearts have began to beat strong, and without realizing we had tightened our hands. 

Entered in the car, we have shared a glance with Bob, who with a such simplicity, have said: “I’m sure that what the Mayor will want say you, it will be what you have just seen in these few minutes, but with much officiality”
We had not ever met the first citizen of that city, and we didn’t what to expected.  Not even Bob knew his face, but he knew that he was the right creature for  that city. 
We have throw away all the air from the lungs,  and we have starting to look at outside from the car window. 

Coming closer to the City Hall, we had glimpsed a modest crowd who was waiting for us. 
What we had in mind of  how the thing would be went, was total different than that one real.
We had figured a private meeting, some praises, and perhaps an acknowledgement plate. 

When we have seen the building, decorated with red ribbon and colorated balloons, we have stared at Bob, and he have shrugged, then we have given a look to our clothes: we had to think choose better what wear, but at that moment we have could not go back, and when Bob have stopped the only car in that long boulevard of the city, just in front to the long stair, all the creatures in waiting for us, have looked at inside that small black car, and Bob have wanted do the perfect chaffeur, opening our door, and when we have came of out a swollen river of have enveloped us, clapping.
We have came out between smiles and pats on the shoulders. We were a bit confused, we were not got used to that fame among those creatures. While we made us space among that crowd, we had seen a big creature presenting himself on the stairs, who was coming closer to us stretching his big  his hands, he have smiled us, and as if we didn’t knew who he was.

He was really big, and we have looked at him with respect. He have looked at me as if he, already knew me, and i have stared him for a bit, and at end he have winked me. I had seen him somewhere, but i didn’t know where.  Shyly, i have smiled him.”


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