– Interlude 22 –

We entered in the same pub of previous evening. There were the same creatures: the atmosphere was the same, but there was the same disturbing thing that we had perceived in our aparment.
When we have met the glances of those creatures, we had undertand that something was happened. 
We had understand that even them have been hit by something unexpected.

Entering, we have looked at each other, as if we entered there for the very first time. We have could perceive in their eyes something new for them, and while we came close to the counter, we have trown a look to Rick who was looking at us questioning himself what was happened. 
There was  a spectral silence in that pub, and all the eyes were set on us, but in particular, they were looking at my  left hand, where that day the ring seemed brighting more than usual.

We sat on the stools in front of the counter, even the lesser interested Rick was trying to catch our attetion to the ring.
We didn’t wanted know what was happening inside the ring, because WE KNEW, that was happening something inside of it. 
Our sensation to travel inside a tunnel when we made love was strong, and now, see the astonishment of our new friends was becoming the confirmation of what we didn’t wanted know.

Rick, the smallest creature in that pub, without say anything, was saying us the biggest truth just staring us first then the ring.
Only at end we have decided to see, once again, the light inside that small jewel. 
Delicately you have taken my hand and sweetly you guided it on the counter and with both hand you have hold it.
We have looked at each other, throwing away the air from the lungs, and both together we have seen the light inside the ring.

It was changing slowly: that pathway that we had seen few hours ago, seemed vanished, but looking it better, seemed that we were in the middle of it. That starry sky was turning around two bigger stars, and without still say anything, we have looked at straight into Rick small eyes, and Rick himself was looking at us, always more overwhelmed.
Little by little, we have realized that what we had perceived making love, was true.
In the sweetest way possible we had crossed that new pathway, and we had brought with us all new our friends, who were looking at us with all those questioning faces. 

Only in those seconds, Rick was comprehending what has happened, but he was looking at us waiting fon, even a small beckon to realize himself well where he ended.
We have smiled nervously at him, and slowly we turned, knowing that behind us, there was a large group of creatures who were waiting for a simple and clear explanation of what have happened and why they were feeling so strange.

We have looked at each other, without know how to explain them everything. 
In those seconds, even us were realized that we had only perceived it in bedroom, and only when Rick have placed himself on the counter among us, he have shook us furtherly ,using the simpliest words for make himself understand from the others, and when he ended, whe have looked at him with wide eyes open, but with a sense of grateful, and with a gentle nod, we have thanked him.

Still shocked, we have looked at one by one the creatures who were murmuring, making us other questions, which we didn’t know how reply. 
But entered in that new visual to which we couldn’t do without it, i got up from the stool, and i went ahead, then i have looked at those creatures, and after a pause, i have could say: “Outside this pub, there is a new dimension with its own reality, let’s get prepare ourselves to meet new creatures never seen before. Get prepare ourselves to be careful. Maybe we will met someone who have need our help, maybe not. But get prepare ourselves to look at everything with a new eyes. Maybe will don’t happen anything, maybe it will be another transiction”. 

I have ended that speech with the heart in the throat, and then after another pause, where everybody had their eyes set on me, i have coud felt your arms around my belly, and delicately i leaned my back on your chest, and our heart have began to start unison, and slowly i got calm me. I had need feel you closer to me, and delicately you have tightened me stronger, so without say anything.”


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