– Interlude 21 –

We were looking at each other exhausted, but fully satstified, and slowly we fallen asleep embraced, me in your arms and me who was making slide my hand on your chest.
We had many other questions for Rick and the thread-like creature, but now we had for real to rest ourselves and try to sleep.

Immediately after a sweet glance, we fallen asleep, and everything we have heard in that pub got back in our mind in a dream made of a wonderful light, echoes of voices and the faces of those new creatures turned around us, among what we had said them about the first vortex in which we fallen, and what they had said us about the light of the ring.
All that was turning round  in our mind, and unconsciously, we knew that we were assimilating everything who wehad heard in those hours, and when we woke, in any dimension we would have find ourselves, we have would found the way to survive. 

We have slept much time that day. The sun have entered in the bedroom, and it was, already, heating the opposite wall of the big window, and everything outside, seemed real calm.
When we have opened the eyes, the sun, already was heating our bodies below the bed sheets and delicately you discovered my naked body, and with the same gentilness i did the same with your. We have shared a glance and right after, we have remember what we had done, but then you have taken my hand, and together we have take a look at the ring, and that light, seemed bright more, and those voices seemed came from the ring itself.

Only a thought have came us in mind, and really slowly, but with a certain hurry inside, you got up from bed, you have helped me to stand up, and without say anything, we went to the big window to see outside.
But what we had seen, it had not giveus some hints. 
That sensation we had felt making love, it was hammering us the head. 

Outside was so calm, and it was the same calmness that we had found since when we were ended there, how long? One or two days ago, but in the air there was something that it disturbed us.
Maybe that pathway was already ready to be crossed? We questioning us with that question, but to be sincere, we were NOT ready to leave that intermediate dimension, and maybe  it was time to return in that pub and ask something more at Rick or  at that thread- like creature. 
We wanted hear their stranges voices, and above all, know that we had not leave that dimension: know that HIM didn’t have  found a new way to brought us away from that peaceful dimension, in which we were finding us again, in the most intimate way possible.  

We were  looking at each other, with the only phrase that we were saying in silence, but unconsciously, we knew that for this we weren’t us who have could decide for how long we could stay in that or the other dimension: when we had accomplished our duty, a force bigger than us, it have would thrust us in that black hole, in which we would have met HIM and he have would brought us in the next dimension. And we weren’t ready to do that jump.

We have looked at each other, and in a blink we have dressed ourselves, and we went down.
Going in front the door, i have tightened your hand, and you looking at me, have said: “Don’t worry, it will be not like we have think”, but even you wasn’t sure of what you was saying. 
Your hand have stretched toward the door handle, and pulling it down, you have held back the breathe, and my glance was straight to you. 
When the door have clicked, we have looked at each other, and as if someone have pushed us force out, we came out.
We stopped astonished, but then we have continued.
We have came out from that building, and we have exceeded the rusty gate, and hand in hand we have crossed the dark alley.

We had to enter in the piazza to be sure to be still in that intermediate dimension, but when we stopped once again to check where we were, we have looked at us breathless, because we had not recognized anything, and we got scared a bit, but that building was still there, and slowly, throwing away all the air from the lungs, we directed there.
When we have taken a glimpse inside, we have tightened our hands. 
And only when we have seen someone who made us understand to enter, really slowly, we relaxed. 

It was Rick.”


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