When i feel

Your embrace around my belly, everything around vanish.
Everything  is concentrating itself  only in these small emotions that little by little becoming the biggest. 
I feel our  soft punch in the stomach, and my lump in the throat grow fast, and our head is starting to explode. 
I see the clock and our connection is about to start. 

I throw away all the air from the lungs, and everything is moving in our apartment. 
I feel your hands around my hips, and my heart is literally exploding. 

19&19 and our connection is at the maximum. I can feel your voice inside my soul. You are whispering my name, and i start to shake like a leaf. 
You are tightening me strong. 
It seems my heart is stopping for a bit. 
I have to close the eyes, and i i have to breathe slow.
Everything is  as we always wished. Delicate, light, and despite we are so far in these instants we feel ourserselves so close.
It’s like  you are in this solitary room with me. You are looking at me in silence, and my heart is beating like a jackhammer, when our eyes are meeting, and you whisper my name, and i only perceive it in the air. 
It’s a crazy thing, but even the most beautiful one.
You are rounding in this solitary room, and every emotions  i’m feeling i know, you are feeling them too.
They are making us go crazy: our heads are exploding at the same time, and everything  is the most big emotion we can perceive together, despite our distance.

Everything is so, when our connection get connect us in the faster way. Everything is turning around us, and we go crazy.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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