– Interlude 23 –

As  speech, it have been one of the most convincing, and you from behind me, have said:” I have would not find words better than yours”, and when you have ended , i have close the eyes, and i have tightened more your arms around my belly, and in those seconds, seemed  we existed only us, but when i have re- opened the eyes, i had all those glances still set on me, with only one phrase printed on their faces: “Let’s discover it!”.

By now, those creatures were looking at us, as their guide, and even us wanted see what it have would waitng for us outside.
In someways, we everybody were inside a broken shield, and we were looking for hid ourselves by the only sun beam that was blinding  everything around. 
Now we had to came out and see. 
We had all those glances set on us, but the very first creature who have moving himself, have been Rick, jumping from the counter, going to open the door of the pub, and everybody have looked at him with wide eyes open, and then they have thrown a quick gaze toward us, and even us, have looked at each other, and  we have crossed the pub, making us slowly, space between the creatures, who were looking at us without breathe.

That short walk seemed one of the longest we had done till now.
We have tightened our hands, and when Rick have opened that sun beam, have invested us, and we have not seen anything, at least for a minute.
That beam hit the whole pub, and because of its power they frightened some of the creatures, who retreated instead of following us out, but shyly right after have taken courage and, they have made their first step toward the main entrance. 

Me, you  and Rick were still  on that sidewalk, still blinded by the white sun, but slowly we  given some forms at what we had in front.  We had recognized some of the silhouettes of the buldings in front of the pub, and slowly when the white flash have vanished from our eyes, we have realized that that was the same piazza from which we were passed earlier, and it seemed that nothing was happened. 
Unconsciously, you  have tightened me more my hand, as if you was happy that everything wasn’t changed. 

One by one, behind us it have formed two or three groups of those creatures, and even them were checking everything was ok. At first glimpse was all normal, and i have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and without make me see from the other included you, i have checked the ring, but seemed that for real something was changed, but still we haven’t comprehended what it could was.
Inside the ring, that wonderful light, seemed indicated us something that we had not still seen. 
Really slow, we were walking in that new pathway, and inside the ring i could see already the walk we had done without realizing.

Only when one of the creature behind us, have make us notice something, i have looked at you with wide eyes open, and everybody else have started to murmuring, while you have left my hold, and together with the thread -like creature, you went to check better.
For a second Rick stared at me, wondering if I might have known what was going on, but he could see my amazement, and i was trying to figure out who that creature was came from nowhere.

When you have came closer to that creature, you have could see his fright, and with the help of the thread-like creature, you have been capable to make you explain how he was ended there, and when he have started to talk, your heart has begun to beat so strong that i have could hear it inside mine, and  when i have give back the Rick glance, then i looked  at where you was, and without say anything i have left that large group, and i directed myself toward you.

Only when i came closer to you and i have placed my hand on your shoulder, that scared creature have noticed the ring,  he have exclaimed: “It have been that light to brought me here.” and he have indicated the ring many and many times, and only when he got calm himself, i came closer to him assuring him that here he would been in a peaceful place, but those words seemed didn’t have tranquilized him, and ocassionally he was looking at himself around searching for something or someone.

He was still agitated when i have conviced him to come with us. We have reached the others, slow we entered back in the pub, and there, he have continued to tell us  what was happening when he was sucked by that light. 
The more he was continue, the more we had understanding that the light of the ring was saving him and others from a situation not enough good: that’s why he was looking at around.
“I’m sure that others companion have been sucked by that light…. ” he said exhausted, looking at everybody, especially me with that ring. 
Slowly we were comprehending more, and we have looked at the ring, then we have looked at each other.”


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