“But after” – *16*

That Bruno made himself that promise don’t return to the police deparment, we everybody, have looked at him a bit perplexed for what we had to said him. 
We had need someone who was inside the police who did not would anyone suspicious, and Bruno was the perfect one.

He looked at us astonished, but after several minutes, he entered in the mechanism, and he only nodded. 
He would be our eyes and our ears, in that one, that  for us, was one of the nevragical point of that web that was wrapping that city, and maybe even the BOSS was of one the heads of that ills-intentioned that spreading terror, and only few inside the police didn’t know of that matter.

While we exposing him our idea, Jack and Sanchez were standing still, next our table, and listening to everything, staring Bruno with wide eyes open. They didn’t have understanding, what Bruno would have reply, and were staring him in his blackish eyes. 
Some new customers entered, they have wait a bit but after were became nervous: Jack’s habit in punctual was to went to ask what they would have order, but this time, they seemed just annoy him, like flies around a dish full of waste, and his glance toward them, was speaking for him. 
He was waiting Bruno reply, as everybody at that table.

Eventually one of the costumers got up on his feet and said something not very nice, and Bruno seemed wakening himself, as if that scream remembered something he was listen to often from the BOSS, and after gave a glimpse to the group, he nodded repeating “Yes i can do it, yes!”
Everybody have looked at him with the soul lighter, and all in a sudden, all usual buzz of the pub has started to fill our ears, and Jack went tho the costumers apologizing himself very much, and everything seemd vanish in an instant.

We knew that we were about enter in a new phase of that one that it would been our plan. Plan that not even we had put up, but we were settling our pawns at their right place. 
Bruno would have spy the BOSS, and he would return in the Pub to report even the minimal things that he would thought important, and he would give us a glimpse who in the police, he tought was with that gang outside, and us thinking how to move ourselves. 

Bruno was about to got upon his feet, and he said: “It’s better that i recover the walky- talky, and i get back in the police. Sanchez was behind the counter, and he stopped him. 
“Bruno wait!”, and the big mass turned around himself and Sanchez reached him with a small bag in his greasy hand: “In all this, we haven’t offer you nothing, we excuse ourselves. This is a special breakfast made for you, and  with this, i thanks you personally”, and slowly Bruno has taken the small bag opening smelling it: “It’seemed good!” Sanchez shyly smiled him once again, had thanked him and got back to the counter, staring Jack who beckoned. 

Looking at the whole scene, we held back the breathe for then throw it away, and we tightened the hands below the table, then we had seen going back toward the garbage bin and with much ease, he had recovered even the blocnote, and looking at himself  around, he redirected himself toward the end of that tree boulevard. 
Now, we had to wait for. 
Jack was occupied with those group of costumers, and Sanchez behind the counter, who seemed thinking to something else, and after have talk with Bruno, you seemed emptied, and we not even hadn’t the force to eat something. 

We got up our feet, and we threw a glance to the counter and with a simply beckon, we have saluted Jack, and we entered in the kitchen, where Sanchez was between two big fire, and was making flying an homelette in the air.
He noticed us just few seconds later: we have explained him we wanted rest, and study better what we have would could do, now that Bruno had accepetd stay with us, and maybe with a fresher mind, everything it would be easier.
Maybe, we  would passed later, but that “maybe” it hadn’t conviced him much, for this reason he gave us the same basket, that we brought back. 

In all this, he have had the time to prepare another dinner, and when he gave it us, he said: “You have to rest. See you tomorrow”. We looked at him astonished, and with two taps on our shoulders, he opened the door, always checking that everything was ok, and he  has left us pass. Came out, i turned around, and i caressed his sweaty face. He blushed.”



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