It’s enough

Hold back the breathe and everything vanishing leaving the place of our magical world.
I feel your sweet arms enveloping my belly. I close the eyes, and your words carressing my soul.
I tightening your arms around my body, while you sweetly turn me around, and gently our eyes meeting. 
In that moment, everything stop, even our hearts. 

We remain like this, one in front of another. 
Your hands are delicately touching my body, to stop at the hips.
I touch your face, and slowly i reach your neo, i can see it, and i throw away the air from the lungs.

Everything become light, and what we are hear are our hearts: are beating strong. Our connection is wrapping us. Slowly our small signs of our electric shocks are crossing our minds. and i feel your arms tightening my body more.
 I close the eyes for a moment and i see Gebo in front of me, then i look at you, and everyting it concretize in that soft punch in the stomach i’m feel… that we are feeling at the same moment.

The lump is closing our throat, while our great emotions are tightening us more one to another.
A small tear rolling from my face.
I feel you closer to me.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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