“For a while”- *17*

We walked in silence, and even without talk,we knew, were thinkng at the same thing, and we were making us the same question.
“Bruno have would done what we have ask him without to be discovered?” And with that question in mind, we acrossed the small  garden in front of that house, that with his creaks, seemed given us the welcome home.

We stopped in front of that broken bush, and we have threw away the air from the lungs, then, as if we wanted think to another thing, we entered in. 

It was as if we have miss those creaks, and without realizing, we have take a look at those two small portraits on the wall, and we wanted see if those glances were changed again. The male creature smile became a bit serious, but we thought it was an impression, but what we were thinking didn’t care, we had to follow our sensations, and in that instants were strong, and in that glance we had see, but above all felt, that the house was hidig something of very important, and we had to start to search for what it was.

It seemed, in those small portraits contained the souls of the old owners, and in those small shades, they were talking with us. 
We knew, weren’t crazy, and everything we could feel in that house, it would have brought us to the truth. 
We have stared  bit more those two faces, but then in a sigh, i said: “Let’s go in the library”.

We settled ourselves, at the bottom of the room, with the Sanchez’ basket, ready to be open.
It was only afternoon, but as we have figured, we have would spent all the day to read, and look for something that it would been important, and for sure, we have would found it.

We looked at each other, and at unison we have give a glimpse to that immense library, with a simple question to which we have given immediately a quick reply: “From where we can start?” looking the big desk with the two pile of books at the both side of it. 
I sat on the small chair that we had take the previous night, and you sat on that leather brownish big chair, behind the large desk, and so we have started to leafing each books that we had in front.

As we have noticed, the magic was the main topic of those books. I had leafing several Grimoire, but none of them  seemed contain the right formulas, but in reality we didn’t know what  looking for, but of  course, even the old owner of that old creaking house was looking for something, and something specific, like enchantment, spells to defeat something bigger. and inside of those Grimoire there were many hand note with some corrections on that or that one else magical formulas, and reading all those books, we made us a specific idea of why that solitary boulevard was one of the first street that those ills-intentioned had decided to don’t frequent no longer.

But understood this, we were understanding better the reason of that blue room left in that disorder like this, and all in a sudden, we looked at each other with wide eyes open holding the breathe, waiting for that one of us speak.
Nobody had the courage to do it. Our hearts jumped in the throat. 
Part of the solution wasn’t in those big magical books, but in those sheets of papers scattered on the floor in that blue room. 

Almost without breathe, we reached the same conclusion, and getting up on you feet you have taken my hand, and sweetly you said: “Follow me”.
I had a book on my legs, and i leaned it on the desk.
We left the library, and we stopped in the middle of the hall where those two portraits seemed looking at us. 
I haven’t had fear of them, but now, looking at them seemed they talked to us just with their glances, and those glances had changed expression. 

We went upstairs, and when entered in that small dark aisle illuminated by that only lamp, i held your hand stronger. 
The blue room was the first opened door at few steps where we were. 
As if, i entered in that room for the first time, i have looked at you with wide eyes open, and we have started to examine the room centimetre by centimetre, collecting each sheet of papers on the floor, looking for to give a precise order to all those hand notes, but it seemed didn’t existed: there were wrtitten only  names and places, and in one of these there was a name that we had learn to know well in those days. I had to sit myself on the bed, and slowly i was became pale.
I gave you that sheet of paper while my guts were starting to rebel themselves. 

The name written on that sheet of papers was that one of Daisy.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“But after” – *16*

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