“We have” -*15*

Left that him presented himself, and it seemed he were ashamed when he has pronounced his name.
We have looked at him with sweetness, and he shared that glance with one of his strange smile, and it seeing that we weren’t about to eating him, he got relax a bit more.

“When i have see you in the police station, i have understand immediately what the BOSS have said me to do, was something wrong. I’ve been me to spy your moves, and when he has lied you, i have understand that he wasn’t the creature i belived he was. I’m the last creature who the police has recruited, and who better than last creature to make this dirty little jobs?” There was no need to answer.
And we have left end Bruno talk. Staring him at straight into his big blackish eyes, we had intuited that had that heavy weight on the stomach from that day that he settled behind the green garbage bin, below the oak tree, and slowly he was walking next us along the tree boulevard.
“I have taken some notes about your movements, and on what you had eaten that previous evening”, and without that we had asked him, he pulled out the small blocnote, and he gave it to you. 
You have looked at him with wide eyes open, and slowly have take a glimpse to each notes he had wrote, then you have passed it me, that i threw it away without, not even take a look, inside the green garbage bin in front of Jack Pub. 

For a second we stopped ourselves, and we looked at Bruno, and without ask him that legitimate question, he answered with a simple: “I will don’t enter no longer inside there”, and he trew away in the garbage bin his walky-talky that he had on his large right shoulder. 
We have looked at him astonished, but immediately he said: “I prefer to fight the real bad ones, next a persons like you than to be involve in something i would be bonded for the rest of my poor life. Don’t look at me in this way. I’m happy that i’ve notice my stupidity in time. I entered in police for a good cause, but on the contrary i found myself to do a thing that it goes against my principles”

We were listening to his words, while, slowly we reaching the main entrance of the Pub, that it seemed had taken a break from the immense flow of customers, apparently there was nobody inside, not even the owner and the helper, but from the kitchen we could hear speaking and the noises of the dishes in the sink, and some hits were  well audible. 
We had prefered to sit at our table close the wall of the left, and waiting for that Jack and Sanchez came out from through the overhead door. 

Bruno didn’t had ever enter in that Pub, but he knew it was the most famous of the city, and the kitchen was spectacular. We have smiled him. He was looking at himself around astonished as much as beautiful was the interior, and as much as possible, we were speechless for who we had in front. 

It was true the definition of Sanchez of him: that one we had in front, it was an undefinied mass with big eyes, arms and legs, but we couldn’t give him a similtude to someone else creatures that we had met in that city, but what he had confessed it was one of the sincerest thing we had heard till now, and looking at straight into his great and blackish eyes, we could see, one of the deeper soul.. 
In his glance, we could glimpse his wonder for every small thing that the Pub contained.

He seemed a child at the game park, and just in those few seconds, we had understood that he was chosed by the BOSS for his naivety that made shine through, and his desire to accomplish his first important duty, it had blinded him, and just when he had heard the BOSS lie to us, he had opened the eyes,  and in those seconds later he had choose, that he have would changed life, and for sure at the police department, noboby would have look for him.
In someways, he made us read his mind, then he looked at us, and that flows of information stopped. We have smiled him, and he gave it us back. 

Only when we have heard no longer the noises of the kitchen, we have looked at Bruno, and i said: “I woukd like to present you Jack and Sanchez” and after few seconds later, from the overhead door, they came out still talking on how call a new dish that they  had as soon created.

Sanchez  has been the first to notice Bruno, and he was about to say something but i stopped him before he opened the mouth, and he looked at Jack astonished, but Jack remained impassible, and with his gentleness made the obvious presentation, looking at us in silence with a questioning glance. 
After you have staring them, and with the simpliest way possible, you said: “Bruno has understood to stay to the wrong side, and so he has decided to left the police for help us to unmask everybody those there outside. Bruno is with us now”.
Sanchez and Jack’s faces relaxed.

I was laughing softly.
Eventually Jack’s flawless linen apron, was stained with several greasy spots.”



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