“Then we looked” – |79|

At her with a challenge glance. We knew what we have would to do.
She was continuing to beat that cane on the ground. 
In Blue City it was fall an atmosphere that it could be cut with a knife. 
Everything was stand still. The only thing that it was moving that few air that it was circulating, were our breathes that slowly was increasing. 
You was looking at her with all the rage that you had in body. If you had could, you would have jump on her, and taken that cane and you have would skewered it in her chest, but you knew that it wasn’t like this that we would have defeat her, i knew it even me too, also if that dat day, in the local of Bill, i have prefered to distract me talking with the Chameleon woman.
Slowly we were looked at eachother, and all in a sudden, we have forget to stay in that lastest borderline, in front of Zora, even if her rythm in background, it reminded us from far, where we were, and why we  about to begin what we were starting. 
Little by little, we isolated us inside our glances, and that rythm it made us enter in trance, and almost had amplified our heart beat, and now we could hear only him. 
Everything around us, seemed something surreal, but litte by little everything disappeared. 
We were only us, and that rythm from far.
Not even the Whale song, we could hear. 
I looked at you deeply, and everyting started.
Delicately i putted myself  above you, with the legs open. 
The skirt on your legs, was hiding what you was doing, while you looking at me who opened my mouth for pulling out a tiny moan. We looking at eachother passionately, and by now, in Blue City it could hearing just my moans. You was continuing to made enjoying me, hiding your game, but going inside me more. 
I’ve embraced you, lifting me a bit, for facilitate your moves.
Little by litle my moans were become tiny  screams. And those screams were becoming little weapons to destroy what we had in front.
The Runic Fairies awaited for this moment to open their magical frames.
You was leaning me on the floor, lifting me more the skirt till the hips, and you was about to penetring inside in a hot, soft and very wet enviroment.
The Runic Fairies opening their little frames with this charge, and they were ready to throw it away in that last  piece of borderline.  
A thin multicolorued dust had invaded everything, but it seemed it had touched nothing. 
Nothing was changed, and Zora laughed aloud.
She became an annoying buzz in background, while slowly, we were becoming an only souls and body, among sighs, moans and your thrusts inside me.
Our tongues were touching frantically, while i was sliding my hand inside your shirt, and i made it falled over your shoulders, while you was unfastened me wildly, mine, and have taken my breast. You approached yourself to it and have started to lick my nipple. 
The proctetive shield of the Runic Fairies, it was about to explode.
Two of them have left it.
This time the effects made themselves feel.
The ground under the garbage throne of Zora seemed collapse.
Zora stopped herself, and everything falling in a deadly silence, where the only sounds were ours moan and the thrusts of you inside someting very sensually wet.”


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