“What we were” – |78|

Seeing it was like the reborn of the Phoenix from his ashes.
It was scaring us, and till now we never had thought it could be happen, but it was there, in front of us
Slowly, behind that grey dust of remains of the bones of that werewolf, it was going up, Zora in person. She have the wereworlf cane in hand, and only just few seconds we had realized that she was been always there: she was  the werewolf. She was  been always in front of  us, since when we had started to cross  all the borderlines of Blue City, till arrive till there. She had saw everything from first row, and now, that we were about to crossing that last borderline, she wanted see us better, straight into our eyes and  she had took off her mask, killing from inside, that giant werewolf who was under her, in his own puddle of blood.
For a long instant everything around us it was freezed, and it seemed us to fall inside the darkest darkness.
Our souls seemed enveloped by a black heavy veil, and our motion activities, seemed slowly dying. 
Something inside us, seemed chaining us. Our hearts were pulsing the necessary blood to remain alive.
She has petriefied us with only her glance.
You have tried to speak to me, but it was useless.
Slowly that black heavy veil  was covering Blue City, and everybody there, remained chained. Noboby could not do anything, they remaining stand still. 
It was an atmosphere in which you have would like be not fall for it, instead we were inside.
An entire city at the mercy of an only person, who with the cane in her hand, was beating the ground, marking the time, that slowly was entering in my head, as hammer that beat a nail, and it was making me going crazy.
Finally, i was able to tight your hand, and our eletric shocks, slowly has restarted to crosss our minds, and we were capable to turn our faces in our own direction. Never we had felt us like this: uncapable to move ourselves. We were barely breathing. 
In those instants, in our minds, we had saw how Zora had conquered Blue City. 
Since when she came out from that werewolf, she hadn’t spoken, but she was still beating her cane on the ground, as if she played a precise rythm, and that rythm it was restabilizing all Blue City under her rules.
Like a creeping snake the mold, once again, was covering those few buildings that we had set free
We were assisting to this horrible show, unable to do whatever thing.
Our friends were been blocked in the penultime borderline, and they didn’t could not, not even, try to cross it.
Zora had lifted an invisible barrier around them. 
Now, it was come the time for the real confrontation between her and us. She who had look at us, under lie in disguise, till that last borderline.
Her hammering rythm was about to reach the Turquoise Building, and some mold, was about covering it once again, but all in a sudden, she stopped herself, and she looked at us.
It seemed, she wanted say us something, but she had change her mind and when she was about to restart to play that rythm, a frightening “Nooooooo!” made shake all the City, and in someways, got scare even Zora who realizing who was, has start to laugh aloud. 
That was me, who i didn’t want see other pain, and i had pulled out all the oxygen remained in the lungs, for rebelling me at all this barbarism.
Screaming, i had gave the very first slap in Zora’s face, who looking at me, she said me: “So do you really want challenge me? Come forward!”
After that glance, i looked at you, and our hearts restarted to beat strong at unison.”


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