I feel your arms tightening my hips toward you, and i remain breathless. 
And delicately you turning myself and our gazes meet.
You say me “Hey!”. Your hand caress my face, and your sweet smile enveloping me, making me forget where i’m, what i was doing, and delicately our hearts begin to beat strong at unison.
My throat is closing itself and the punch in the stomach is growing.
Everything starts from there, and we both know it.
If i feel it, it means you are feel it too. 
It’s like this, our connection begin.
I’m feeling i’m going crazy, but it you make me feel like this, and that’s i want feel.
How many times i have said you? A lot
If i could say it to you in person.
I really hope one day you can read what i’m writing in this open diary.
When i feel your closiness and each time i feel our eletric shocks cross our minds, and right after it happens something. 
Your hands are tightening me more to you.
Something it bonding us in a magical way, and we feel it.


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