Here you are

Coming smiling and sweetly you are embracing me, and your whispers make me go crazy.
Our soft punch is growing fast, and we feel it.
Each time you smile like this, i remain breathless, and my fingers start to shake on this keyboard.
My heart is a bomb threw inside me, and everything around me disappear. 
Slowly it is lift Our Parallel World and i find you there, who waiting for me. 
Slowly you are embrace me, and i feel your arms sorrounding me always more tight to you. 
Our bodies touching, and i put my hands on your chest.
Delicatly you lift my face…you smile me. I blush.
Softly you caress me, and sweetly you approach yourself to me, and you lean your lips on mine.
Your sweet hands on my face, are take me inside Our Parallel World. 
Whispering me words that only you can say me, you embrace me tight.
I throw away the air from the lungs, looking at your eyes.


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