“That’s what slowly” – |80|

We were doing, and what we were feeling, it was slowly, overlapping on what Zora was imposing in Blue City from several years, and without realizing, little by little, the mold from the concrete, it was crumbling itself, becoming itself a river that it was sweeping away, also the smell.
By now, every thrust inside me, was a big explosion of that charge, that the Runic Fairies, had to throw out, and the magic slowly it was accomplishing. 
Zora was uncapable to do nothing, while her garbage castle, slowly was collapsing on itself, and it was sucked from the inside of the concrete, like in a liquid black hole, and everything around it was clearifing.
Everything still was going slow. 
But, even it seemed, that everything restarted again from the Turquoise Building and around the building, it was spreading a new light, and it seemed be in connnection with our sensations.
We didn’t realizing all this, but something in our heads, it was saying us that we were on the right way.
We were full of our glances, and we were inside of them, and we were seeing only the beauty of our souls, while i had your lowerback tight in my hands, and i was give the right strenght to your hips to enter more inside me, and my moans was excited you more, and it was what i was feel, each time you entered and came out inside me.
Aware that we were struggling, making love, we sweetly smiling us, and aware of that fact that we had in front the heir of the Nothing, we had to go slowly. 
Now  Zora was attempting to hold back the rest of that she was calling empire.
Among kisses, touches, we have shared a glance, and delicately, you came out from me. 
Slowly you have lifted me more the skirt, and you wide opened my legs. 
Delicately you slided down, and have putted my legs over your shoulders, and there you have started to lick me inside with your tongue.
Little by little my moans were became little trembles that rapidly were exploded in one of the greatest orgasm i ever had, and even the Runic Faires were been caught unprepared.
The energy of what i was feeling it was exploded like a bomb, making scattering them, and that energy, made collapse all the shields that Zora had put up, forbidding our friends to cross the borderline in which they were trapped.
And like a gust of wind, the sky, till now covered by the grey clouds, was get free for half, while, little by little that garbage mountain, it was disappearing inside that kind of  liquid black hole, and in the eyes of Zora, for the first time, it could be seen something that looked like terror, but she has masked it under a terrifying laugh.”


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