“They knew” – |70|

That we would had must to face all the obstacles alone, but more we were approaching us to that manhole, more we realising  that it was impossibile to defeat that werewolf who stopped himself.
He would have wait for us, where he was, emmiting, occassionally some roars, as if he wanted warn us that he was just waiting for the right moment for attack us.
Behind us, the misty borderline it was merging with other, and a thunder was underlining the anger of Zora, seeing that now the borderlines that she had created, were dicreasing and now the battlefield it was elarging itself, giving more action space to the souls of the dead creautures, who were fighting in groups, and slowly the creatures inside their own houses, were coming out with all kind of  things that they could use as weapons against the latest loyal at Zora’s empire.
They were throw themselves in the street screaming, and in their screams there was all their desire to take themselves again Blue City. 
They were screams of free from years and years of oppression, and now in their glances there was a gaze of revenge, to break down all those damned bordelines, to delete all those social levels, and bring again Blue City as it was once, and then there were one kind of social level, and it was that one it was decided by Zora who from time to time she changed, and each time someone didn’t follow her new rules, it was jailed and their house was covering by mold.
They were facing up, without fear, even the wild werewolves. They were in prey of a repressed anger, and the werewolves seemed themselves frightened lambs.
A big yelp it chilled all the city, and it arrived us, despite the hammering rain that was still falling. 
We stopped and we tried to see but we had continued just to hear these great yelps.
It was an human being crossed with a ram, who was goring one of the werewolf, who was kept stand still by others creatures. He was killing him, slowly tearing him apart.
A last yelp it shuddered us.
The Ram gave the mortal hit, and who was keeping the werewolf, it left him fall on the ground bleeding teared apart in half.
After that homicide, the Ram got settled his blue suit, trying to take off himself some of blood spots on his white shirt, and with the others, he left the werewolf body, there drenching itself, slowly becoming an inanimated mass of  wet fur mixed with its own blood that was flowing along that part of the city.
This was the rage among the inhabitants of Blue City, and now this was what we needed. 
Stu, who was a longer bit far from us, had saw the whole scene closer, and immediately understood that we had need of him: a creature with a wild desire to tear apart whoever was put in middle of us, such as the giant werewolf
While we were still trying to understand what was happened after that yelp, Stu screamed us “Wait!”.
We stopped, while one of his group went to call him.
He arrived, already with the informations which he needed:”Whatever i must to do, i will do it for Blue City”,he screamed us, looking at who had in front of him.
We nodded, even if we didn’t know, if he had seen us.
We threw away the air from the lungs andwe starting to walk along the new borderline.”


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