“From the moment” – |69|

That misty curtain was falled around us, everything seemed got back to the normality, but it wasn’t like this.
We had put down one of the secret weapon of Zora.
That misty bordeline had tried to chock each little emotion, and it had  tried to kill what we were feeling eachother. 
We were still in prey of our latest contractions, and that soft dew has become suddenly the heavy rain that we had left in previous borderline.
Some drops was been capable to got wet us, despite the protection of the Runic Fairies.
We got up, and we remained breathless for what we have saw. 
After that misty borderline broke up, a lake of blood it got wet us, and some breds of flesh touched the legs.
Screams, threats, small rifle shots were mixed with the heavy rain and thunders, while the Whale was encouraging the souls of the dead creatures to go ahead. 
We remained to look at the scene, till from one of the building free from the mold, were starting to come out another new creatures never saw from our landing in Blue City.
They came to us, and without asking us nothing, an elegant thin multicolorued stug beetle, in silence, he tightened us our hands, with his little sharp pincers.
Seemed he was taking again oxygen, and slowly, with the others, he was looking at himself around, and after saw what was happening in Blue City, he has started to sigh something that sounded like his short life. 
We have understood, that he was a sort of leader of the riot against Zora, for how she had reduced the city, but when a day,  they had let guard down, she jailed them in that building till that moment. 
They had to take again air, but they were ready to fight, and when he had listened the Whale song, and at end he saw her behind the only piece of  liquid sky, on his hard face it drawed a strange awry smile.
We didn’t, not even, have said them who we were, but there was no need, they knew it.
“You can call me Stu” looking at you, but now there was no time for the pleasantries, on the contrary.
We knew that we had to go on. There were others borderlines to cross, and now that we had broke up the misty bordeline, the giant werewolf stopped himself, and he brandishing a long cane and slowly, he was coming toward us.
Stu, and his group looked at us, while we left that borderline.
Me, i had the heart that little by little, it was stopping, while you was taking again the hand. A big deep breathe, and slowly we have started the walk toward that manhole.
Arrived at crossing of the misty borderline with the new one, instinctly, we spinned, and silently, from far, slowly Stu and the others of the group, following us. He just nodded us.
A teardrop falled from my face, and you have looked at me tighening me more the hand, then you nodded back him.”


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