Why be ashamed

For what it feel when it feel the closiness of someone. 
Lift your face, and look at me. Our connection it’s like this. 
Little eletric shocks, and slowly you come by my side, and we starting to throw away the air from the lungs. 
It could be strong, it could be llight, but in someway, there is be always. 
When our minds are connect, it’s chock us. and everything is start from the stomach, and despite we are distant, each day is passing, we can feel something inside us that is growing more, making us feel always more little inside that spiral that it is making us approach eachother. 
That lump in the throat it’s the same that we are feeling when the electric shocks cross our minds, and we aren’t capable to think to other things but just at only us.
Lift your face and look at me, let me dive in your wonderful eyes. 
Hold me tight in your arms, and whisper me what you are feeling. 
Take me to Our Parallel World. 
Let me explode everything what i feeling with you.
Let’s evolve together. It’s what Jera says us, it’s what the universe want.



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