“It seemed” – |71|

A normal borderline, without hidden atmosphere, but we looked at eachother around with much careful. 
The hammering rain falling always more heavy, and we held the hands tight. 
We stopped for a while, as soon, we have realized we entering inside the borderline.
It seemed it was a transitory borderline, but nothing it was like it seemed.
Stu with his group and the Ram, were crossing still the last borderline, by now, got free, by the mist.
From far, the giant werewolf  reigned on garbage throne, he slowly was starting to grin.
He knew what was about to happen, while we were staring him, stand still, at the begin of that borderline.
As as soon we have make the first steps on the concrete, the concrete itself, it seemed took life, and at each steps we have attempt to make, it seemed wanted to swallow us, and the ground has taken form of a great face, and two big clear eyes, had starting to staring us.
His glance, seemed ask help. He seemed disperated. It seemed? It was, but it seemed, also that his life depended  by that. It must had to swallow everything it pass over him.
And the face covered all that borderline, and it expanding itself as a oil spot everytime he swallowing something.
We remained petrified. It seemed everything in background was stopped, and the only sound audible, was the flowing of his blood that it was spreading in his body buried under the concrete.
It seemed us to hear even his heart that it was beating like a train at the maximum of the speed.
I was looking at him straight into his eyes, and his gaze was bloodshot, and  his swallowing was automatic, and we were that kind of victims that he would have wanted to swallow with great joy, even if his glance said us the exact contrary.
You have wanted make a test to attempt an escape way.
Without realize, because i was such petrified for what i was seeing, you have collected some junk from the ground, and you was put yourself ahead of me, and in sigh you said me: “Cling you!”
It was a cruelty what you was doing, but it was the only way to cross that monstrous borderline.
You have started to run, at the edge of  it, launching all that junk in direction of the mouth of that poor creature, who was divouring everything, pouring tears.
You was running as faster you could, when you have felt something to held you, and my tight was loosing the grip. One of the scarest scream was resounding in Blue City.
The creature was been capable to take one of my leg, and he was pulling me toward him.
Crying, he was about to swallow me. I was asking him mercy, but he didn’t have other choice.
Without qualms, Stu, his group and Ram, has run toward on that mouth, and they have padded it with all they had found on the ground: stones, garbage bags, leafs, branches, and slowly you have set  me free.
At the wounds, you have would think about later.
“Let’s go away from here!” i said looking at you with wide eyes open.
Without thinking about it, you have take me among your arms and we had crossed the last meters, without take off our glances one from another.
Our hearts beating like two crazies, and just when we had crossed the broderline, when we were in the free zone,  we kissed us, as if our survival it depended by that.
Only from far, we have hearing a loud grin.”


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