Here in this

Bedroom our eletric shocks  are crossing fast our minds, and you eyes set straight into mine, making me blush.
Softly i feel your hands on my body, and our closiness it’s there.
Everything is start again. My heart is beating strong, our minds get connect one with another, and the universe is speaking us, and i know it is not a coincidence.
The only thing i can do is biting my lips, and waiting for another your little signal.
Everything is so soft and silky veiled when our connection is crossing our minds and our soft punch in the stomach begin to become always more strong.
You are here and you are looking at me, and my fingers are shaking on this keyboard.
Fehu, Berkana, and Ehwaz are in front of me. 
My heart stop for a bit, while another eletric shock cross my mind. Another your eletric shock.
I close the eyes, holding back the breathe, and i feel your arms enveloping me more.
I feel your whispers, and your eyes are there and they doesn’t take off their glance from me. 
You leave me breathless.


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