“We had left” – |32|

Bill and Lizard for return in that storage room, that, little by little, we were considering our apartment, and to thinking about it was becoming our refuge, from all that world in which we were fallen. Our Blue city was an old memorie, maybe my plan wouldn’t work, and maybe we had to get used to between good and bad, and that bad would prevail.
But now it wasn’t time to think about it. 
I was thinking to the Runic Fairies. You, wanted stay alone with me. 
Suddenly our thought were meeting, while we crossing that dark alley.
Usually there was some buzz that was coming out from the apartment of the Chameleon woman. This time, it was like if everything, was waiting for something. 
More we approaching to the storage room, more the atmosphere was becoming floating.
As soon we have opened the door, the cold light turned on, and illuminating that little space.
I entered, and i went at the table next to the window and i remained stand still for a bit, giving you my back.
You have closed the door, and have laid the bag on the floor, remaining, even you, to stare at me. 
In that surreal atmosphere, more than how much it was already, our breathes were the only things that got warming us. Our hearts has begun to beat hard, and at the end you have sighed “How much you are beautiful” and slowly you approached yourself to me, while  me too i was approaching to you. We found us in the middle of the little room, and delicately we have started to touch our faces. In that moment we had totally forgot where we were. 
Our sweet smiles weren’t only enveloping us, but they were spreading slowly like a thin and light gas in Blue City.
You have tighted my hips and in a whisper you have said me:”I took this for you… i would like that you put on…” and from the bag you have pulled out a white and vaporous dress. I had a chill along the back, while you made me show it.
I was biting my lips, while i was understanding that at the end, would been you to put it me on.
Your hands were sliding on my dirty clothes and one by one your hands has take them off me, and with the same delicateness and gentleness you have tranformed me in your little princess, making me sliding the new dress that fitted me at the perfection.
You moved away from me  for a second, just to see me enterely, and then you approched yourself again and you held my hips, and slowly you have kissed me, putting your hands along my legs, while still you was kissing me.
Slowly you have laid me on the camp bed, and for a minute that seemed lasting an eternity, you have opened my legs, and there delicately, you have found the way to make me enjoy.
While i was moaning, you looking at me while i was pulling you toward me and i was looking for your lips to kiss. 
You have penetrated me delicately but then you have started to push you inside me always more wildly, and more you was wild, more i was at your mercy. I was moaning always more and more i was feeling you inside me, more our pleasure was about to explode.
Our pleasure exploded really slowly, it seemed come from very far, and it had invested all Blue City. When we have reached maximum pleasure, we stunned for what we were feeling. 
The orgasm, yes came out from our bodies, but seemed came from, also, to another space, another world. 
We have screamed for the pleasure.
While the contractions fading, we looked us deeply and you have wanted kiss me again.
That surreal atmposhere that had surrounded us till now, disappeared. 
We had made fallen Blue City in the total chaos.
This time, we had reached even Zora’ sewers.”


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