“We were” – |31|

Walking back toward our way, without realizing that we were followed.
We didn’t have noticed that till we stopped us in front of Bill’s local, when a sound deafeting us. They were the Runic fairies. They were all twenty four and slowly had followed us, and now we could see them more clearly.
They were most beautiful than we had seen them the first time. Together they were form a magical little dust and in that dust we could see their real form. They were perfect little tiny winged women and from their wings was coming out that little magical multicolor dust, and their further magic, they could disappear in a shot of eyelash. Just together, they were, well visibile.
We remained stand still to stare at them for a minute. I could feel they wanted say us something, but just in an enviroment totally silently, we could hear them. Just with their deafeating sound they just could disarm you, and they couldn’t talk. But they had percevied something: they could be help in that plan that i was just, mentally, studying and that, i had talked about not even, to you.
They couldn’t enter in the local: they would be dead. We have understood when we had opened the entrance door of the local. They disappered immediately.
While we entered in the local, you was looking at me. I was shyly smiling.
“What’ are you thinking?” you asked me. Slowly i’ve lifted my face to you, and i replied you while i was staring the Rhinos, but i whispered it to you: “At a thin plan, and they has understood that we will have need of them. They let me know it”.
We turned round  us, and the Runic Fairies were gone.
Bill, who was occupied with the Rhinos, has saw us, and he nodded. 
We wanted just said him that we had found what we were looking for, and just thanked him.
When the Rhinos, has finished to tormenting him, Bill has come to us, and always with smile printed on his face, he asked us”How’s went from Mantis?… Aw, i see…. she has always the perfect suit for everyone…and for you?” I explaned him, that i’ve talked with Mantis, and Luke was choosing the clothes.
“Her clothes, are inside this bag.” you have said him, without making noticing from me, you had make a wink him, and he given you a pat. Besides we had said him that, Mantis didn’t have wanted be paid. Bill was surprised of that, but after have discovered  who were us, maybe she wanted treat us in a special way. “Of course, i’m sure that was went so.” he said us.
We were still inside the local, when we had noticed the assence of Lizard, but immediately after he apparead. “Where have you been?” you asked him. He started to laughed. “At the same place… under the street lamp, pretending to scare the people”. Maybe we have didn’t have noticed him, cause the Runic Fairies.
“So guys, go  and rest yourselves” said us Bill, and you have launched a mischievous gaze at him. 
Without having the crystal ball, Bill knew that evening, it would happen something in the storage room.”



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“We had left” – |32|⇒

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