“We remained” – |33|

Stand still to stared us at till the contractions fading totally, while in the Blue City it was unleashing the real chaos, and the warmth of the last ray of the sun was heating and moving away the grey clouds over the city.
Outside the storage room, our pleasure scream has become a like a thin sound, that slowly was entering in each one creature who was wandering in the main boulevard of the city.
It was like, our orgasm, had penetrating them, and for the very first time, after a longest period, they had seen the city before that Zora had taken it under her control.
As if, our scream, had shaked their souls from their deeper.
Even the baddest Rhino of the Patrol who wandering in the street remained overwhelmed by that sensation, that seemed was make him discover inside that tiny particle of humanity, caged inside of that mass of rough skin that he had.
For the first time in his tiny eyes, it could see, read the real doubt about what he was doing.
He stopped himself for a moment, and he looked himself around, and he looked at the others. Also them, were feeling the same, and for a second their eyes colors was changed, but slowly they returned that yellowish in which, even the purest and innocent, would have seen the evilness.
In Blue City for those minutes returned a total calm, underlined by a soft continuous and relaixing sound that was spreading itself in all the city.
While, we, in the storage room, were looking at us wrapped by our breathes, and we didn’t have realizing  nothing about that was happening around us, and above all in our Blue City.
Our emotions weren’t over, and ourt hearts were about to explode. 
There was a silence, but in that silence were flying deafening words, but we have could hear them trought our glances, and from my face fallen a tiny tear and you have dry it with you soft touch. 
We were still laid on that bed camp, and just after like if we were awoke from a beautiful dream, something inside has pushed us to go at the squared window for take a look outside.
You have tighted me against your chest, and i was tightening your arms around my belly. 
A frame of our Blue City, was still in front of us, and it seemed it was fighting against the massive grey clouds, and it seemed it had pulled up a strong shield, and each effort of grey clouds to defeat it, seemed useless. 
The evilness of Zora was still powerful, but we had conquered a little piece of the Blue City. 
I wanted come out to see it better. I wanted run, you have immediately, understood it, and you have taken me among your arms. We had crossed the dark alley, running.
Arrived to the end of that alley, you have putted me down, and like a soft white cloud, my dress slowly, swelled itself, and like in the storage room, you have tighted me from behind, and we have lifted our face up. 
That slice of sky and of sunshine has left us without breathe.
I spinned me toward you and slowly i putted your hand on my chest, whispering:” Listen” My heart was beating very strong, and looking at you another tiny tear fallen from my face. You was about to dry it, but someone else done it, and it brought it away.
Everybody who living in that little angle of Blue City were come out to see  that little slice of sunshine that had won against the grey clouds, therefore agasinst Zora’s power. They remained speechless The only who has reacted to all that, has been Lizard, who knew well who were the makers Without say nothing has given you two pat on your shoulder. You was still breatheless and you still looking at up the  color of the sky, but when he approached to you you have shared a smile with him, touching his paw still on you shoulder, he whispered “Well done.”


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