“That slice” – |34|

Of sky seemed to challenge the grey clouds of Zora’s empire and with its simply beauty, seemed to scare even the baddest henchmen of the Patrol of the Rhinos, while we remained enchanted by what we were looking at for the first time we were landed in that Blue City. The blue sky that was winning against the greyness and cold of that veil that was fallen over the city.
Even the Chameleon woman was stunned by the colors of that sky, and it seemed she hadn’t ever seen colors like that. Her skin was in a continuous changing. In her eyes it could see something that it get moved her, and she looked for to hid. 
I was looking her with the corner of the eye. Her surprise left me breatheless.
“After all, she has  a crumb of sensibility” i thought.
We remained still for a while to see the sky with its white soft and light clouds wandering.
It was a really little piece of  sky, but for us, for that one we would have to face, it was a enormous victory.
Slowly everybody returned to do what they were doing. 
Also the Chameleon woman returned in her apartment. But after she looked at me, and i looked at her for the first time without have fear of. That glance among us, has been intense. I could see in her eyes a sense of grateful. I could feel what she was trying to say me. 
In those instants, my heart was beating hard. Our glance was lasting till, shyly, i smiled her, but right after, she has changed, and her gaze became chill, and i got back to see ahead, and my fear immediately, got back and i tightened more your arms that still  holding me against your chest. After that, you placed in front of me, looking at me only like you was doing, and all the fear disappeared. I looked at over your shoulders and the Chameleon woman was entering in her apartment. 
The inhabitants of that bordeline, were still dazed, they had to return to their works.
Even if the Blue City had conquered a piece of freedom, everything had to get back to round, and little by little the thin veil of fear was returning to wander in the streets, even if, that little piece of Blue City, from that day has been seen with a little dread by the Rhinos’ Patrol.
We still looked at us, without saying us nothing.
Our sensations were still in the air, and eveything what we wanted say, we coud see in our eyes. A shy smile was born in our faces, and delicately you have touched my face, whispering in a thread of voice :”How much i love you.” and i approached myself to you and i have kissed you, and everything was went to strenght the little shield that Blue City had pulled up against the grey clouds.”


⇐“We remained” – |33|

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