You are lifitng

Your face toward me, and our glance meeting and slowly you are keeping my hips and sweetly you are approaching me to you.ย 
Our soft punch is starting to chocking us, while our heads are getting connect one with another.
I don’t know if you are what i saw, but i touched your emisphere and i knew it would happen.ย 
I throw away the air from the lungs because in someways i know you have took a lookย  what i written. I knew it would happen and it has happened.
I feel you slow eletric shocks running cross our minds, and slowly i feel your hands holding my hips and i can feel your whispers surrounding me all.
You are wrapping my belly and sweetly you look at me, your soft touch me, delicately i slide my hand inside your sweater and suddenly everything around us disappear.
We are only us. I leave ajar my mouth. You return behind me and you start to kiss my neck.
Our connection getting stronger. I close the eyes and you take my hands and we taking the flight for Our Parallel World. I feel your sweet words. They are the sweetest words that a man have said me. Your arms tightening me strong against you.
We remain stand still like this, in silence.


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