My heart has

Begun to beat hard when i felt you coming, and now i feeling you are embracing my belly tight. My head is spinning and i starting to feel our soft punch tightening us. 
Your words: “You didn’t believe that i was arrived….” Instead your presence is around me, and it making me beat hard the heart.
I feel your embrace around me and it make me shaking all. 
I must to inhale for then throw away the air from the lungs. 
My heart is beating hard and i know it’s the same for you over the other side of the planet.
I feel you want say me something important. I can’t swallow, and this happen, when our connection is stronger. I will waiting for.
In meanwhile i feel you, here in this bedroom, around me, and delicately you touching my hips. I close the eyes and our breathes merging one in another. 
While our slow dance is continuing in your tiny movements that you make me do.
Our minds are connected, from when i started to feel your closiness here. 
How i feel you close to me. I must to throw away air from the lungs for to don’t go crazy. My heart is about to explode. 
Say me something, whatever you want.


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