“The piazza” – {25}

Was another place of the village that we hadn’t never visited, and when we acrossed that alley, we remained surprised. It seemed the central heart of the village, altought there were just few buildings and among them there was the abandoned house.
John explained us that piazza, occassionally, was used as public court, and he explained us that here the only judge for the village, was living in that big house at the right to the house that it would become mine. He explained us, also that he was considered the chief of the village. 
More he said us all that things, more i would have to hid me, but, by now, we were there, and perhaps, there was no worry.
John said us, even rarely, he was coming out from his house. He was already an old man, when him was a child.
“But when he proclaims a thing, none of the village, has never debated his words…” he concluded his speech, and we looked at us, feeling our hearts beating hard.
Finally we arrived in front of that house. The door was half opened, and only when we heard its creack, we have understood why the childrens had have called it The Witch House. We have smiled. You have taken my hand and slowly, we entered.
All the ambient was dark with some rays of the moon light that entering from the broken roof.
To the right of the door, there was an angle covered by a soft red light curtain that it was moving by the breeze.  In the middle one big and rickety table and in front of that table one big fireplace with a caudron,  a broom and some copper bruised objects, and at the bottom of that large and unique room, a matress on another smaller table. 
“Isn’t the maximum, but i do believe it’s perfect for you, and as far as I have known “Daria”, for her, it’s the perfection” said us John who, then left us, saying “Tomorrow i will go to the blacksmith, and i will make doing a key.” then he closed the door behind his shoulders, assuring himself that none of the childrens that night, would have open it.
Silence fell, you came in front of me. That pale light of the moon was illuminating my face, and you remained there, to stare me, while i was tightening your hips. Delicately you have started to caress my face, and slowly your fingers were touching my shirt, and one by one, the laces, has unfastened, and our breathes were merged, one with another, becoming faster. 
As a light cloud, my shirt fallen on the floor, and for one moment we remained so, while my hand, gently placed itself on your chest, on the shirt and you have looked at it, then you looked at me again. Slowly you taken my hand and you have accompanied me next to the bed and soflty you have laid me on the matress. 
We didn’t taken off the glance one from another, while you putting yourself above me, and with one hand, gently, opening my legs, while i was taking you off the only obstacle to penetrate me.
Our moves were slow, and everything seemed went slow. Your hands caressing my belly, and i was touching your face, while our bodies were became one only, and all was floating around us.
Our glances were loss one in another and our breathes, sometimes slow, sometime fast, enveloping us, and that act of love seemed lasts all our life, and we had wishing that it lasts all night. Little hips strokes, long moans, passionate kisses. Tongues against tongues. Hands in everywhere. My hands on your back for help your hips strokes, to make me moan more and make deeper your penetration. Your finger in my mouth and your desire bigger inside me and our electric shocks that came and go trought our minds.
Slowly you taken my hands and delicately, have lifted above my head. Our tongues didn’t want to break away, but sweetly, our passion has exploded at the same moment and our long moan, has underlined that pure moment of exctasy, reached together.
The contractions still vibrated within us, and everything flowed sweetly.
You given me a sweet kiss and then you have wrapped me in your embrace.
We sighed, we looked at us sweetly. 
And you was still inside me.”


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