“After that kiss” -{24}

We taken a look around to the village and with swagger, we were looked at us, and throwing away the air from the lungs, you taken my hand and we started to walk in the village, among the inhabitants, who to our crossing, moved away themselves. 
That our walk, it seemed marking an important step for me, as witch, and for the inhabitants of that little village and their murmuring underlining it. Many of the citiziens asked themselves “Who is the guy by her side?”. Our hearts beating strong, but none of us, didn’t make stop from the glances of that people who, not even, we did know.
We had acrossed  Main Street proud to walk hand in hand, and each inhabitants we met in front us moved away to let us pass undisturbed. 
The only who ran toward us has been John. 
I shyly smiled him and he looked at me, and i sighed him:”We need of you”. 
John, wasn’t a stupid guy, and in a rapid glance, had understood what was the situation. 
At the time, he had helped Therese and Katherine, to move my stuff in my narrow and dark room and he had recognized the only bag i had in hand. Sweetly smiled at me, and without preambles i presented you to him, sighing:”John… this is…” and i stopped. I wasn’t to able to continue: something was choking my throat, but to end, in a thread of voice, i said your name. You looked at me and in an istant, even John, has disappeared and our emotions, were become irrepressible. A tiny tear got wet my eyes, and i dived in your chest. 
John suddenly said us:”Let’s go to my house” and without thinking about it, we have followed him. 
We had acrossed Main Street and, almost in front of Joe’s Inn, we entered in John’s house.
There, we sat in front of a table.  Me and you from a side and John to the other one.
Slowly i’ve explained how was the situation. I’ve tried to explain with simple words who were us in reality and from which period we were coming.
In silence John was listening to me and slowly he was understanding all, and to the end, almost in a sigh, he asked me:”…So, the last time you was fallen in trance….” and slowly i nodded and then he added:”I have noticed something different in you…” I smiled him again.
With a soft voice, you have added:”We have seen the dancing souls one night among the flames of the candles in that bar…. in that tavern of the modern day, then we magically we found ourselves in this black hole and we returned back in time. And only when, we found ourselves, divided, we have understood that we had have to relive their lives. And now her dancing soul, needs a house all her.”
Despite his acuity, John remeained a bit dazed, but right after, he awaken himself and he said us:”There will would be an abandoned house in the piazza…it’s little, but for you it would perfect. The childrens has called it, Their witch house…” We given us a look, and we smiled and i sighed:”Look at the fate…” and sweetly you taken my hand. 
To the end, i looked at John and i said, throwing away the air from the lungs:”Ok, done deal!”
We looked at us, you have tightening more the hand, and you have asked John to bring us there. For a moment i closed the eyes and your perfume has wrapped me.
Gently you have helped me to stand up and we have followed John outside his house and  we have walked acrossed another little alley, where it opened itself a circular place. 
The piazza.”


⇐“You had decided” – {23}

“The piazza” – {25}⇒

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