“We were still” – {26}

Embraced one in arms of the other, and we didn’t care if that roof was broken. 
We looked at the sky, as we always wanted. Our breath was scanning the time, but also the time stopped itself, and in that battered house, seemed there was the most magical atmosphere in which we were come acrossed
We remained embraced one in another for all the night.
Despite, was just around the corner of Main Street, the piazza was so peaceful and silent.
You looking at me, and i was doing the same, and we were thinking the same. 
Even if, we didn’t have say nothing, we saying us:”It was so that the dancing souls has passed their first night, together, without the help of the magic of the tear’s crystal.
Here, for real we were only us and our caresses were silky.
“…Daria… look” you have whispered me, while i had my head on your chest. From the broken roof a magical boreal light was crossing the sky and our hearts has started to beat stronger and a blow of wind was enetering in the house, making move the soft light red curtain, making fall it on the floor, making approach it to the bed.
Everything around us, seemed a dream, and every creak noises, seemed each steps that we had have done to reach the point where we were arrived: in that creaked house with the broken roof, from where we had seeing that beautiful lights that, slowly were fading. 
We wanted remain awake, feel our hearts beating. To be wrapped by our breathes and to dive ourselves in eyes of the other, but slowly we fallen asleep.
That night passed fast, as the previous day. 
You was the first to woke up and delicately, first with your sweet deep voice, then with your soft caress and kiss on my mouth, you have woke me up. When i met your glance, i smiled you and taken a look around and i sighed “Is this real?”. You kneeling in front me and you taken my both hands, and nodded me.
I was still half naked, and with your all careful you have helped to dress me.
You was so gentle, and i made me let dress from you, looking at your eyes, and occassionally, i touched your face.
Around us that floating atmosphere, didn’t want to went away, and we were trapped in. 
In someways, we had know to shake ourselves from all these sensations. 
Delicately you taken my hand and we came out from that creaked house, by now, became mine.
As two ghosts, we had crossed the little alley and we arrived in Main Street where the noises and the some screams of the inhabitants were merging, becoming an only buzz of background.
When the inhabitants has noticed us, but above all me, has starting to turn themselves, and their murmuring were becoming always more audible. They whispering aloud:”She has witched him…” and when we had heard that, you have tighted stronger my hand. 
They were two days that you wasn’t passed in the Joe’s Inn, and you had to pay the room. 
When we arrived in front of the inn, Joe has noticed me and he grunted me:”You can’t enter!!” I stopped myself stunned, and you have looked at me, looking for to convice Joe, but he was firm in his thought.
By now, we had have decide to stay in that creacked house. You had just take your things, pay, and leave the Joe’s Inn. 
You have putted me in a safe point of the street next to the inn, and a little sorry, you have smiled me. I smiled you back, caressing your face and in a sigh, i’ve said you:”Don’t worry, go!” and i’ve kissed you. 
The rumor of that “innocent kiss” has  acrossed all Main Street in few minutes and it arrived, till the bordeline of the village and it came even inside the Witches House, where Katherine and Therese came out, and they has reached the fence, and to the end, they had seeing me next to the Joe’s Inn, awaiting for you.  
They has shared a long sigh, and they remained in silence, looking at me.”


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