I was in front

Of television and i felt your embrace around my belly and slowly our connection is has began. Now, here, i’m writing i feel your closiness more strong. 
Here in silence and our feelings are like the dancing souls. They are merging one with another, and our tangles in stomach are chocking us in  strong way.
Our hearts are beating so strong, and i biting my lips cause i feel you next to me, and i feel your arms are tightening me against your chest.
Your breath is enveloping me and i close the eyes and magically you are bringiung me inside Our Parallel World, and there our emotions can explode. 
You given me the magic i really need.
Softly i caress your face and i reach your tiny neo, after you taken my hand and softly you caress the palm. 
Our electric shocks are communicating among them, and they make beat hard our hearts.


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