Your presence

It’s here around me and your whispers are wrapping me together your embrace.
Our minds get connect fast and i feel your closiness inside me. The soft punch in the stomach is strongly linked with our minds. 
It’s so strange how began our connection but it is so that starting.
Everything come from far and slowly become a spiral that make us feel close one with onether, and our minds i linking with the stomach. And says itself that the stomach is the second brain and with us, everything match. We are really connected one with another.
I feel your arms around my belly and my hands are tightening them against you, and despite our distance, we feel this our closiness in a strong way.
When i feel this sensations i know, for sure it’s the same for you, and when it’s so strong, it’s because you are try to say me something. 
Our connection is so strong and so wonderfully magic. 
In someways, you approached yourself to me during that night and with your magic you made me see that everything is possible, and i never figured that it could happen this wonderful magic thing with you. 
You are still embracing me, and i whisper you…. “I love you”



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