“We were

Still embracing ourselves. Our sensations were expanding themselves.
We were still looking at around us while the nature was growing fast full of new perfumes and new color. We couldnt think that was fruit of what we have felt in that bell. But on balance it was so.
last75luminanzaOur Parallel World was made of our big emotions. And that moment it was one of these.
We had walking holding our hands. We have had still feel a great feelings that wrapping us.
You have wanted to stay for a little bit, on the lakeshore. I was sit close to you.
I could feel your heart beat strong. Your glance was watching ahead and you was with the legs wrapped by your arms. For a long moment i left you alone with your thoughts, but i could feel your thoughts goes towards the dark woods behind our appartment.
Then in a whisper you have said ‘It’s the only part of our parallel world we didnt have still see. It’s so dense and obscure…’ and your thought is remained as suspend.
I was was listening to you without speak. But we had thought the same thing.
I’ve took your hand and then you have turned your face toward me and for a second that seemed lasting an eternity, i have said you ‘We would face it again, and we will defeat it oncce again…. if it was necessary, our love is the most great thing we have…’
You have looked at me, touching my hand, you have shyly smiled at you and you have put yourself in front of me.
Whispering you have said me ‘You always find the right words to make feel me better’. Then you putted my hand on your chest. Your heart was beating fast, but slowly it was calming.
We looked at eachother. I have holded your hands tight and slowly i got up while you from down you held me. Then you got up too.
The evening was coming. The dusk’s colors were a mix of purple, pink and blue, and we were a little tired.
Slowly we walked till the door of our appartment. You stopped yourself a little a bit to observe the woods. From inside we could hear some noises, but they came from far. Too far.
You have took a glimpse to the Markùts. They have understood already what you wanted to say them. They have only nodded.”


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“We were remained ⇒

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