“After that

orbit11forteKisses we looked at eachother so deeply that we would could have see the deepest part of our souls. We would have liked that moment had no end. In that bell everything it was so more intimate and the atmosphere was more magical than usual. We were inside in that little bell. We could enter in only us. Our glances were calling eachother. In those istants, it seemed that everything could to explode. Your hands were still on my stomach and delicately you was touching me. Me, i was still lay on the meadow and i was looking at you, without say nothing i caressed your face and i shy smiled you.  A last soft kiss and slowly the bell was disappearing around us and that blurry atmosphere that arounded us, fade.
As a magic enchant we appeared again to our furry friends, but none of them approached to us. They knew better than us that we had to recover ourselves from that sweet but always new experience. But only the little of the Morgur came to us and he said us ‘Your love is really powerful’ and running he went away.
Only few instants after we have understood what which he said us. Around us, the nature seemed be reborn again, with new flowers, new perfumes, new colors.
It was the same that has happened in the Burn Valley. We looked at eachother stunned around us.
For a moment you have looked at me deeply and then you have whisper ‘Look… this is Our Parallel World.’
Gently I leaned on your chest holding your hips.
Around us was very beautiful but there was still something was out of tone with all the rest.
The dark woods behind our appartement.”



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“We were ⇒

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