Lift up

luke42forteYour face and look at me. Tell me you are feeling the same feeling that i’m feel.
I can feel your perfume, it is wrapping me. I close my eyes and i hear your voice. You are delicately whispering my name. My heart is beating inside of me like never did before.
I feeling your closeness more than before.
Let me slide my hand in your jacket and let me make it fall it down on the floor.
I can feel your hands on my shoulders. You are touching them.
Let me look in your eyes and let me see that i want to see.
Tell me what i want to hear. Tell me those little words.
Give me that certainty that my heart know already.
Tell me that the big emotion i have felt late night, it was even your.
Lift up  you face and tell me everything this.
Tell me im not going crazy. Tell me Our Parallel World exist for real.
Tell me everything this.


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