“We were remained” – ○258○


A little bit to observe the wood behind the apartment. Your glance would have wanted to see what which was inside of it, but it was so dense and it was impossible to come in. There was a bush barrier that blocked the entrance.

I have took your hand, and I said you to enter in the apartment. We were tired, and we had to sleep.
You have smiled me, and we are entered.
We went in bedroom: you have lay me on the bed, and you did the same right after.
I could feel your heart started to beat again fast.
We have began to hear the noises approaching, but we have couldn’t do anything.
The woods was itself taking life.

We embraced tightened us.
The moonlight was entering in the bedroom. The breeze was moving the white curtains, and our heart was going crazy. We were staring the starred sky, while we were listening to the noises of the woods.

Our thoughts were going on the Nothing: our one, and only question was: “We will able to defeat it once again? We will ready to face again our big fears?”
It was the only question we were making ourselves in those instants.

An unique sound resounded in our heads: a slow, and continuous sound: we weren’t calm, at all.
Our eyes often were meeting each other, and the moon illuminated our glance.
While the noises in the woods seemed approach to the borderline of the wood itself.
We knew that the Markùts were ready to warn us: we didn’t have to worry more than usual.

“They will warn us…” I whispered you, looking for to close the eyes.
I was wrapped by your arms, and my face was on your bare chest.
You was looking at out of the window, staring the big tree branch that covered the roof of the apartment.

While I was caressing your chest, I could feel your heart got calm itself.
We have closed the closed the eyes, while that slow and continuous sound resounded in the our heads yet.

The noises in the woods were approached slowly to the borderline always more.”



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