Sometime (23th open letter to Luke)

lukecatturasovvrappostoI think you read for real, what i write and you reply me concretely with your post on your fav social media and i here smiling, with my heart that explode and i asking myself “what do you think of me seriously”. Sometime i go too foward with my imagination, and i realise that, but sometime my big imagination is on line with your thinking and so i ask myself “am i not going crazy” and  i think to our parallel world.  I think, how it has began all this. From that dream. What you have said me in that dream and  to all that things was happened and it continuing to happen.
Sometimes i think, something of inexplicable is happening between us. Me when, i’m writing in this diary, i feel your closeness in a strong way. I feel you when you are about to tweet. … and then you tweet.
When, always in a dream, i seen for the very first time your shack at your home, and there i heard you sang and more later i’ve found you have recorded a song, even if just for fun but you did.  And this made me felt strangely connect with you.
And more time is passed by, more other little coincidences happened.
In this moment i feel strambled more than usual. I feel your closeness and i think to all things are happen between us and i sigh, because in my deep i know you can feel the same what i feel.


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