I have throw away all the air from the lungs, and you have took my hand in your, and after a quick with you, i have looked straight into the green eyes of Michelle, and  without esitation i have start to explain my idea about an investagation agency. 
Michelle first have shared a glance with Cyclope who at first didn’t have understand what i wanted mean with that term “investigation agency”. 

I knew that even for Michelle it was hard to assimilate, but she knew me too well, and slow she have arrived at the same my conclusion, and looking at herself around, and when she have assuring that nobody could have listen to her, she have said sighing:” The night creature?” and consequently she held back the air, for then throw it away, without add nothing else, she have looked at me deeper, and i have nodded. 
“Yes her” and i have no added else. 

For Michelle the death of the night creature, it have been a great shock, and when it have been found without life tears apart, she have not danced for a couple of evening. 
Michelle knew her, and have helped her many times, and only a couple of days later, it have been found, it have been Michelle to call Jim. Nobody wanted take itself the responsability to fill a bunch of sheets of papers, just because have called the police to report a death of a creature  of which nobody remembered her name. 
Not even Michelle knew it, but when she have enter in her club, neither Michelle neither Cyclope sent  her away, on the contrary, that night creature knew that in that striptease there were «the most gentle creatures» of the city. 

Even me, i have met her a couple of times. And so remembering that night creature, i had continued to explain everybody why i wanted opened the agency.
“It will easier to the inhabitants report wrongdoing, and from what she have said me, the inhabitants have fear of the police” you have said looking at me. Michelle have stared you for a long instant then she nodded. 
Then i have added: “I don’t want that other creatures have to die, or pass what i have passed with the werewolf. 
They can come to us and expose their thoughts, their fear, and we can immeduately check their hypotheses. 

And here, i have waited the glance of both, and their glances  have not wait for long to change.
For a bit we have remained in silence, and then a small smile have printed on my face, and looking at you, i have waited that you have speak, but you have said only: “It have been not my idea, it have came out from your small head” and so you have smiled me tightening me to you, and staring at you just for those few seconds, in which everything around vanished i held back the breathe, and got back me, i have told at my friends about Shifty. 

“If from tomorrow you will have the perception to being observed, it’s normal. Shifty will be our eyes on street. 
When i entered in his building, i have perceived immediately another presence, and when finally i have could see him, everything it have been clearest. He will be our shadow in the dark. He will collect what he will hear in the street, then we will start to examine which «case» we can take in consideration. But now it is what we would do. Now we have to think to settle the office.”

This word have alarmed Michelle, who have jumped on the chair, asking: “Which office?”
I knew that that it would been the hardest part. How could i say her that i would transferred in your apartment? I had need of your support. I held back the breathe, and when i was about to explain her how the things would be went, you have stopped me. 

In Michelle mind there was just one question, and with all delicatness you have replied: “It will be like we have not transfer ourselves. Don’t worry. We will have many things to do that i believe at evening we will so tired to take the car to return in my apartment.” Ending, you have looked at me, and i have tightened your hand below the table, and i have stared Michelle, who seemed more calm, but i knew her well, and below that glance it was printed a big  “WHY?”

She knew the reason very well. I waited for her to metabolize everything, and together we knocked the air out of his lungs a couple of times. I read her mind, and you did too, but you thought it best to leave us, and so with Cyclops you went to his counter, and ordered something to drink, and in a low voice you asked Cyclope: “How do you think, how she have taken it?”
Cyclope pouring in the glass the drink, have looked at Michelle, and in a sigh, he have said: “It have been a shock even for me, but for her it will be harder. Michelle consider Daria the sister that she never had, but for how much i know her, she will reprise herself very soon, she is a rock.”

And turning round toward the table, you have softly smiled. 
It seemed that everything was already passed. You have looked at me, and feeling your glance set on me, i have turned, and  for  a quick instants we have smiled each other.”


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