I have to

Stop to do what i’m doing. The soft punche in the stomach is growing fast, and your arms around my belly are tightening me strong to you. 

You are speaking me in a low tone of voice, and you know that it makes going crazy. 
I feel your arms around my belly and they are turning me round. 
Slowly our connection is making itself sweet.
I can’t swallow. 

Everything is become so beautiful, and that sensation in our minds, that thin hammering it’s the most beautiful sensation that we can feel, despite our  distance.
Today my little blue tit has comeback. He have knocked the window, and that sign, i love think that in someway is linked to Our Parallel World. I want believe that something similar is happening to you, and you hope, like me that he comeback, and he is saying us that our connection one of the strongest that the Universe have wanted create.

My heart is beating strong, and i know you can perceive it, because i perceive your, abnd it beautiful  that we are feeling the same feeling. 
I throw away the air from the lungs, thinking to you.



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