In this instant

I feel your closeness stronger than ever, and i see the smartphone anbd without do it on porpouse it have appaered the double number that is say us tat our connection is in the air, and i can perceive it very well. 

Today another sign from the universe have made me understand that everything is rounding us, and now my fingers are trembling on this keyboard. 
Looking at you straight into your eyes, i can throw away the air from the lungs. I shy smile, and closing the eyes i can feel your arms around my belly. 

I biting my lips, because i klnow you are feeling the same. That soft punch in the stomach is growing inside us, and everything is transforming itself in Our Parallel World, and your embrace  is the most sweetest thing that i can perceive in this solitary room.

I turned on an old videcamera to catch my little blue tit and  the new little quail, but i’m sure that it can’t catch all the magical atmosphere that itis creating here inside with our emotions that we are feeling, it’s a thing that is execeeding all the theories of this world in which we are jailed. 

I’m feeling you so strong next to me, and i can only throw away all the air from the lungs, whispering your name, and you are feel it.
Everything around is tightening around us, despite our distance, everything is trasfoming in Our Parallel World. We smiling.




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