My heart

Is still beating like a jackhammer, and i feel your arms tightening me to  you. 
Your arms around me are the sofest sensantion that i can feel in these instants, and little by little my head is exploding. Our hearts are beating unison, and they are going crazy.
Our connection at this hour is really unexpected, but even the most beautiful, when our feelings can fly freely
Everything around is like a soft cloud. 
Our minds are connected, i feel you, and you feel me. 
If close the eyes, i can hear your voice, your sweet voice, and my soul is reach to you, lifting itself up to the sky merging with your.

When i was thinking to don’t ever have your PO, i didn’t ever to feel your closeness so strong. The soft punch in the stomach is growing each minutes is pass, and it makes me confuselly  always closer to you. 
That rope, that at the beginning was only an invisible one, now it is materializing in something real
And only when you will have my box, despite the distance, Our Parallel World will embrace us, and everything will come true.

By now, they are seven years that these emotions are turning around us, and when i feel your closeness, it’s something overwhelming.
Each time i think of it, i say myself: “Isn’t possible”, but when these emotions take me to you, i look at you, and i think that something very powerful and magical, it have wanted united us, in this strabiliant way.
I think to you, while my heart is tightening itself, and something inside me has moving me, and i know, i feel it. that’s you.  
You are embracing me strong, and in the air your sweet words. 

Everything is running sweetly in Our Parallel World.


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