I’m still trembling

For the great emotions you have made me feel… those electric shocks have been unexpected, but really wonderful. 
You and me connected in that way.
That sweet smile. and Our Parallel World all of sudden have wrap us.
And now, sweetly i feel you arms around me, and i can perceive your whispers. 
I’m biting my lips, you are lifting me upt to the sky, then you make me slide over your body and when we are in front each other, your lips touch delicately mine. 

I know you have read that message, and now you are curious what is. I will be excited when it will be picked. 
There, in that moment for real our souls will touch themselves.
Only  that day i will know that all my craziness isn’t only fruit of my imagination. 
It will be a tangible thing, and our hearts will beating unison stronger than ever.

I throw away all the air from the lungs diving myself in those blue eyes, and when i will stare your tiny mole, we both will comprehend that Our Parallel World is that world in which we wants stay together alone. 



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