Those electric

Shocks have crossed my minds several times in that hour… 
That sweet smile when you have took a glance to the live chat, it have made immedsiately think you have read my comment on that aboriginal painting, and in those seconds i knew what you have thought.
I had have throw away the air from the lungs, when my heart have started to beat strong. 
I know that it have been a tiny direct communication. And there is still. 

Small eletric shocks crossing my mind, and in someway i feel your closeness. 
And only in those seconds that certainty that you have read my message. 

These electric shocks are accompanying me. They are small but present and they haven’t ever wrapped me during the night…. and now are here.
I’m not going crazy. 
Our Parallel World exists for real, and everything it’s something wonderful, and now i have to wait for that youi receive my parcel to let you know how deep you have entered inside me.

That aboriginal painting i would imagine is Our Parallel World, and those small two we are us.
It would be wonderful that is like this.
Even when we have drunk at the same time… i remained breathless
We are connected so strong, that it seems impossible.


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