Even in this

Afternoon, almost grey, i feel your eyes set on me, and your closeness is always present. 
I can hear you repeating in your head that question that is hammering your mind since when i sent you that message. 
I only say you, you will receive part of my very intimate things. Something that is part of Our Parallel World.

Something that means much for me. By other hands you are entered in my life, and in someway, you have revolutionized it at all, even if don’t consciously.
From that evening, something bigger than us, it wanted enveloped us in this magical universe where is Our Parallel World, and from that moment is increased in a exponential way.

Even in these little moments in which i write you, i can feel your closeness, and the soft punch in the stomach is develope around and inside me. 

I have to throw away all the air from the lungs, looking for to get calm me, but is impossible.
When i feel our minds connect each other, it’s like a twirl, and our souls are touching, and just in those moments, we both feeling that tiny, but intense electric shock, and we understand that our connection is one of the deepest we have  felt.

When that parcel will leave Ital,ymy  heart will explode. 
At only thought that those eyes will see all the content i have wanted sent you… i don’t want think about it…. those eyes… that tiny mole…. Our Parallel World.
My heart is already exploding…


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